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Risk + Response at Corvus

Making the world safer, one policyholder at a time.

Our holistic approach to risk management, breach response, claims handling and post-breach remediation was developed by seasoned cyber experts for one purpose: to reduce policyholder risk.

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Risk + Response Services

How We Work with Policyholders

[ICON] Policyholder Process #1

We start at the point of quoting with security recommendations driven by the Corvus Scan, including alerts for any critical vulnerabilities.

[ICON] Policyholder Process #2

Policyholders get access to a dashboard with policy and risk management resources, including a vendor marketplace and digital experience dedicated to helping organizations explore and improve cybersecurity.

[ICON] Policyholder Process #3

Through the policy term, we offer a suite of complementary and reduced-cost services aimed at helping our policyholders prevent, prepare for, and respond to any cyber incident.

[ICON] Policyholder Process #4

In the event of a cyber breach or another incident, we work with policyholders to take the critical first steps of their response plan and facilitate connections with approved vendors and guide them through a transparent claims process.

Learn about all the benefits delivered across the policy term by our Risk + Response and Claims teams

Policyholder Benefits

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Policyholder Dashboard

Policyholder Dashboard

Easy, 24/7 access to policy documents, Corvus Scan reports, alerts, risk management resources, and claim information.

[SMART INSURANCE ICON] Cybersecurity Alerts
[SMART INSURANCE ICON] Quarterly Scan Reports

Security Control Consults

A digital experience to explore and improve cybersecurity that starts with the recommendations driven by the Corvus Scan and continues through consultative services with top cybersecurity firms. 

Cybersecurity Alerts

As critical security vulnerabilities arise, Corvus notifies policyholders immediately with the latest news updates and relevant instructions.

Quarterly Scan Reports

Reports are delivered quarterly, providing IT security analysis and actionable recommendations.

Explore our Knowledge Nest to view vulnerability alerts and tips for using the Policyholder Dashboard.

Additional Risk + Response Services

These additional services can be requested from the Risk + Response team at any time.

Cybersecurity Recommendations

Dig into all the details of your latest scan report on a 1-hour call with a Corvus cyber expert.

Phishing Test &
Discounted Services

Conduct a phishing test for your team and obtain a discount on services from a leading vendor.

Contracting Consult

Free 1-hour consult with a leading firm on your vendor procurement and IT contracting processes.

Meet the
Breach Coach

Discuss breach response process and preparedness with your breach coach.

[LOGO] Corvus Black

Corvus Black is our program of premier risk mitigation services designed to meet larger enterprises' specialized cyber risk mitigation needs.

Qualifying policyholders can access additional services to improve incident response planning, identify third-party cyber risks, and more. 

Corvus Security Control Consults

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Security Control Consults

Corvus Security Control Consults offer a suite of consultative sessions with top cybersecurity firms at a reduced cost. Each service aims to help our policyholders dig deeper into specific security issues that have been identified through the services found in Corvus’s Vendor Marketplace.

With Corvus Security Control Consults, policyholders start with a free, no-risk consultation that helps them find the right solution, then get help from the best vendors for exclusive discounted rates.

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