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Distribution Partnerships

Combining strategic technology & insurance methodology

Leverage Corvus Tech for Your Distribution


No matter how you sell insurance, we know three things that will make your team more effective:


    Faster quoting and binding

    Simpler digital experiences

    Flexibility to automate quoting or underwrite individually

These are essential components to sell at scale and remain competitive in the current industry environment. To bring them all together you need a strategic technology and insurance partner.

That's where Corvus Distribution Partnerships can help. 

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Distribution Partnerships

Distribution Partnership Benefits


API Integration

Bindable quotes in minutes.

Distribution partners integrate directly with the Corvus CrowBar®, our purpose-built digital platform for brokers. This is a perfect solution for wholesale and retail brokers or partners that have a large, aggregated access point to their customer base via a digital platform. With the API integration set up, distribution partners can get bindable quotes in minutes.

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE ICON] Custom Coverage & Limits

Custom Coverage & Limits

Personalized coverage and limits.

We customize coverage and limits for clients that share similarities (i.e. industry classes, size, or risk) so it is tailored to their unique risk profile. This is ideal for affinity groups, business service providers, and other partners who have data and insights into their client base and require specific coverage, limits, or price point.

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE ICON] Policyholder Experience

Policyholder Experience

Unmatched, hands-on service.

At the time of bind, every broker and policyholder receives an instant, in-depth Corvus Scan report to further understand cybersecurity risks and exposures. If your customer is impacted by a cyber event and has a claim, our expert breach services team is here to help them get back up and running as quickly as possible.

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE ICON] Risk Mitigation Services

Risk Mitigation Services

Reduced policyholder risk.

Corvus offers risk mitigation services to all insureds, including risk-prioritized cybersecurity recommendations, as well as access to the NetDiligence eRiskHub, with pre-claim support services, training/learning resources, and more. For larger accounts, we offer access to Corvus Black, our program of premier risk mitigation services.

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE ICON] Industry-Leading Coverage

Industry-Leading Coverage

Enhanced coverage options.

Our standard Cyber and Tech E&O policies offer broad first- and third-party coverage including Business Interruption, Ransomware & Cyber Extortion, and Social Engineering. For our partners, we adapt enhancements to meet the specialized needs of clients based on goals.


Broker Education

Actionable cybersecurity insights.

The Corvus Scan report and Ransomware/Business Interruption Cost Calculator provide brokers and policyholders with actionable insights to better understand and reduce their cybersecurity posture and risk. Optional summaries of each insuring agreement can be included in your Cyber quotes, and brief videos featuring Corvus underwriters help to explain key coverages.

Strategic Solutions Born of Collaboration


We partner with affinity platforms, aggregators, business services providers, and insurance brokerages of all types to learn about their business goals. Through the right mix of customized coverage, value-added services, and API-enabled integration, we develop solutions that complement and enhance our partners’ business, rather than adding layers of complexity.

"We knew their insurance product was competitive, but in Corvus, we found a true partner. From top to bottom we think about the insurance business similarly. Whether we are talking about building an API integration or working with the underwriting team, our partnership with Corvus has been fantastic, and it is only the beginning."


[CORVUS BROKER PARTNER] Brian Thornton - President, ProWriters
Brian Thornton | President, ProWriters