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Stay a step ahead
of cyber risk

Introducing Corvus Signal™—the only risk prevention solution shown to reduce the frequency and cost of cyber breaches by nearly 20%.

[INFORMATION CARD] 20% Reduction in the frequency and cost of cyber breaches for businesses engaged with Corvus Signal™

3x faster[INFORMATION CARD] 3x faster patching with alerts sent the same day as discovery

3x faster15 days[INFORMATION CARD] 15 days average advanced notice on emerging threats before exploitation

[ICON] Corvus expert support

Access to experts, on your terms

Corvus policyholders get on-demand advice and support from our cyber experts—by email, phone, or through your Risk Dashboard. From day one of your policy, we’re available to help:

  • Improve your security controls

  • Optimize security investments for the greatest impact

  • Recommend vetted, independent security vendors

  • Prepare for policy renewal

[DIAGRAM] Access to experts, on your terms

Corvus Risk Advisors

We’re on your side

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Dan Ahmed - Senior Cyber Security Advisor, Corvus Insurance

Dan Ahmed

Cybersecurity Advisor
[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Fayon Atkinson - Cyber Security Advisor, Corvus Insurance

Fayon Atkinson

Cybersecurity Advisor
[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Greg Bursic - Incident Response Advisory, Corvus Insurance

Greg Bursic

Incident Response Advisor
[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Lauren Winchester - Global Head of Risk Advisory, Corvus Insurance

Lauren Winchester

Risk Advisor
[PARTNER HEADSHOT] Robert Horn - First VP & Cyber Product Co-Leader, Alliant


“Corvus went the extra mile...”

Corvus went the extra mile to offer our policyholders continuous threat monitoring and even discounts for practicing good security posture.

Robert Horn • First VP Cyber Product Co-Leader, Alliant

[DIAGRAM] Always-on threat intelligence with Corvus Insurance

Risk Dashboard

Always-on threat intelligence

Every Corvus policy includes continuous security monitoring to protect your business and help you outpace cyber attacks. Get 24/7 access to:

  • Step-by-step recommendations to address vulnerabilities

  • Personalized threat alerts, focused on the risks most likely to impact your organizations

  • Third-party risk reports for vendors and partners

Our Data Sources

Reduce risk. Save on your policy.

Get rewarded for staying on top of your security. Complete the Security Questionnaire in your Risk Dashboard for up to 25% reduction on self-insured claim retention.*

About the Endorsement

*Security Questionnaire must be completed prior to the discovery of an incident. Subject to a maximum cap based on the program. Eligibility for Corvus Signal Endorsement is determined during the underwriting process. 

[DIAGRAM] Reduce risk. Save on your policy at Corvus Insurance



In the know

Learn how to optimize your security program and get the latest cyber threat intelligence from our experts on risk. 

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Frequently asked questions

Any organization with a Corvus Smart Cyber® or Smart Tech E+O® policy (including Excess policies) is eligible for Corvus Signal™ services. New policyholders will receive an email with instructions on how to set up their Risk Dashboard account and set up their intro call. If you need assistance registering or logging in, please contact services@corvusinsurance.com.

All services are currently available at no charge for Corvus policyholders.

The equivalent value of all services available from Corvus Signal™ has been estimated at $86,000 per year.

To schedule a consultation with a risk advisor, please send an email to services@corvusinsurance.com.

We still recommend using your MSP. We are here to be an addition to your team, not a replacement.

Policyholders are considered to be “engaged” if they complete all modules within the Security Questionnaire section of the Corvus Risk Dashboard.

When it comes time to renew, our risk advisors will connect with you and your broker to review your security posture and identify any vulnerabilities that might impact your renewal. If needed, we’ll help you update your security controls so you’re in the best possible position before quoting.

No, they're not required, just strongly recommended.

If an incident does occur, our in-house team is ready to help. Connect with an incident response expert any time, day or night, with our 24/7 claims hotline or email. You can find this information in your policy document or in your Risk Dashboard. We’ll help you understand what steps to take, connect you with trusted vendors, and expedite recovery to minimize interruptions to your business.