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Smart Tech E+O®: 
Primary and Excess

Technology companies face unique risks. Protect your business, with comprehensive policies designed to keep pace with digital risk.


Appetite and Coverage

We've got you covered

Smart Tech E+O® covers primary and excess risks for businesses earning up to $2B in gross annual revenue, with limits up to $5M. Plus retentions as low as $2500.

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Up to $5M in limits

Up to $2B in revenue


Third-party coverage

  • [ICON] Checkmark
    Network security and privacy liability
  • [ICON] CheckmarkRegulatory investigations, fines, and penalties
  • [ICON] CheckmarkMedia liability
  • [ICON] CheckmarkPCI DSS assessment expenses
  • [ICON] CheckmarkTechnology and professional services E&O


First-party coverage

  • [ICON] Checkmark
    Business interruption
  • [ICON] CheckmarkContingent business interruption
  • [ICON] Checkmark
    Digital asset destruction, data retrieval, and system restoration
  • [ICON] CheckmarkSystem failure
  • [ICON] Checkmark
    Cyber extortion and ransomware
  • [ICON] CheckmarkBreach response and remediation expenses
  • [ICON] Checkmark
    Social engineering and cyber crime
    [ICON] Checkmark
  • [ICON] CheckmarkReputational loss


Additional coverage

  • [ICON] Checkmark
    Bricking coverage
  • [ICON] CheckmarkInvoice manipulation
  • [ICON] CheckmarkForensic accounting coverage
  • [ICON] CheckmarkBodily injury
  • [ICON] CheckmarkCriminal reward coverage
  • [ICON] CheckmarkPreventative shutdown

Available for most technology service companies, including:

[ICON] Application service providers Application service providers
[ICON] IT consultantsIT consultants
[ICON] IT staffing firmsIT staffing firms
[ICON] Telecommunication service providersTelecommunication service providers
[ICON] Software and mobile app developersSoftware and mobile app developers
[ICON] Health information exchange web design and hostingHealth information exchange web design and hosting
[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Jordan Rankell - Vice President, Cyber TEO Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Expand your coverage with Excess

About Excess Coverage

Corvus Partnership


Corvus Insurance Expands Cyber Underwriting Relationship with Travelers

With a focus on tailored coverage, service, and proactive risk management, this collaboration aims to empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Corvus Insurance Expands Cyber Underwriting Relationship with Travelers


The Corvus Solution

Every Smart Tech E+O® policy includes:

[ICON] Expert partnership at Corvus Insurance

Expert partnership

We’re here to help, whenever you need it, with services like instant quoting, unlimited on-demand consultations with risk advisors, a 24/7 claims hotline, and more.

[ICON] Industry-leading intelligence

Industry-leading intelligence

We help safeguard your business from cyber threats, 24/7/365, with proprietary, real-time intelligence on cyber risk.

[ICON] Intuitive technology

Intuitive technology

From day one, we make it easier to identify, understand, and get ahead of threats with Risk Dashboard, a platform purpose-built to manage cyber risk.

Reduce risk. Save on your policy.

Get rewarded for staying on top of your security. Complete the Security Questionnaire in your Risk Dashboard for up to 25% reduction on self-insured claim retention.*

About the Endorsement

*Questionnaire must be completed prior to the discovery of an incident. Subject to a maximum cap based on the program.

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Resources for brokers

[e-BROCHURE DOWNLOAD] Smart Tech E+O® eBrochure

Cyber Solutions

Smart Tech E+O®  eBrochure

A one-page overview of  Smart Tech E+O® appetite and coverage

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[APPLICATION DOWNLOAD] Smart Tech E+O® Application

Cyber Solutions

Smart Tech E+O® Application

One, easy-to-complete application for Smart Tech E+O® insurance

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[FORM REQUEST] Smart Tech E+O® Coverage Form

Cyber Solutions

Smart Tech E+O® Coverage Form

An example Smart Tech E+O® insurance policy

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Frequently asked questions

Our Smart Tech E+O® policy includes all coverage included in our Smart Cyber Insurance® policy plus Technology and Professional Services Liability coverage for losses as the result of an act, error, or omission in the rendering of your services or the failure of your products to perform as intended.

Corvus considers several factors when calculating premiums, including an organization’s score on our noninvasive IT security scan, the organization’s revenue, the quality of the  organization’s cybersecurity controls, the limit requested, and the type of technology services being offered.

Premiums vary depending on the type and size of the business insured. Annual premiums start at around $3,000.

A few examples of a Tech E+O claim are:

  • An HR software provider with thousands of small business customers discovers a bug in their software that caused errors in calculations pertaining to accounting and pay records. A number of affected customers sued for the failure, seeking reimbursement for the software usage fees as well as for the costs to remediate the errors. In this case, technology products coverage would be triggered.

  • An app developer was hired by a client to build a mobile app to better serve the client's customers. The client noticed that download activity was much lower than expected; then complaints began to come in from customers who were getting an error message when trying to sign up for the app. Thousands of users were not able to sign up and the client sued for lost revenues. The app developer's Tech E+O policy would cover this claim.

Tech E+O (technology errors and omissions) is a kind of insurance designed for technology services and software companies. It includes a combination of cyber insurance coverage for cyber incidents and tailored E+O coverage to protect policyholders in the event of an error in the rendering of their services. Combining these two types of insurance coverage in one policy eliminates the possibility of finger-pointing between carriers because some events can trigger both a cyber claim and an E+O claim.

Your Tech E+O insurance provider is an important partner in mitigating security threats. Every Corvus policy includes access to Corvus Signal™, the only cyber risk mitigation solution proven to reduce risk. Policyholders engaged with Corvus Signal™ have experienced up to a 20% reduction in the frequency and cost of cyber breaches. With Corvus Signal™, policyholders gain access to unlimited consultations with cyber experts, real-time intelligence on emerging threats, and easy-to-use tools to manage security risks.

Contact your commercial insurance broker and ask them about Smart Tech E+O® coverage. Corvus's offerings are available via select appointed agencies around the country. Our expert cyber underwriters work hand-in-hand with brokers to provide fast, accurate, and fully customized cyber insurance quotes.