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Built for cyber risk

At Corvus, we specialize in cyber insurance solutions. From our expert team to our proprietary data and technology, everything we’ve built is made to manage cyber risk.

Expert Partnership

Your partner in cyber risk

Our expert team is the best in the business, with decades of experience navigating cyber risk and underwriting cyber insurance.


Collaborative underwriting

Our cyber underwriting team works hand-in-hand with brokers to tailor each quote and find solutions to complex risks — providing fast, accurate, and fully customized coverage.

[DIAGRAM] Collaborative Customized Quotes from Corvus

[DIAGRAM] On-Demand Risk Advisory Services from Corvus

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On-demand risk advisors

Every policy includes unlimited consultations with our Risk Advisory team. Whether you’re looking for insight on a new threat or help optimizing your security spend, we’ll provide expert guidance tailored to your business. 

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24/7 incident and claims support

Connect with an incident response expert any time, day or night, with our 24/7 cyber claims hotline. We'll help you understand what steps to take, connect you with trusted vendors, and accelerate recovery in the event of a cyber insurance claim.

[DIAGRAM] 24/7 Incident Response and Claims Services

[PARTNER HEADSHOT] Robert Di Rico - Broker, ARC Excess & Surplus, LLC


“In addition to their incredible responsiveness, market knowledge, and underwriting skill, one of my favorite things about working with Corvus is the continued service throughout the policy year that they afford to their clients."

Robert Di Rico  •  Broker, ARC Excess & Surplus, LLC

Precision Risk Assessment

Industry-leading intelligence

Our proprietary intelligence includes millions of data points from claims, the public web, and the latest cyber threat intel for better insight into risk.

icon-data-driven-48x48[ICON] Data-driven quotes from Corvus Insurance

Data-driven quotes

We leverage real-time, AI-driven insights to guide underwriting decisions, based on threat intelligence, firmographics, claims, and peer benchmark data.

icon-monitoring-48x48[ICON] Always-on monitoring

Always-on monitoring

Every cyber insurance policy includes continuous security monitoring to identify emerging threats and any vulnerabilities that an attacker might take advantage of.

icon-tailored-alerts-48x48[ICON] Alerts tailored to your business

Alerts tailored to your business

We zero in on the risks that matter most to your business. Alerts are typically sent two weeks before exploit, giving you time to take action.

Risk Dashboard

A platform made to manage cyber risk

The Corvus Risk Dashboard simplifies risk management for Corvus policyholders—providing real-time visibility into your security posture, emerging threats, security recommendations, and claims in one intuitive platform.

  • [ICON] Monthly security scan updates from Corvus Insurance

    Monthly security scan updates

  • [ICON] Personalized alerts on emerging threats

    Personalized alerts on emerging threats

  • [ICON] Security recommendations from CorvusCybersecurity recommendations

  • [ICON] Policy documents and updatesPolicy documents and updates

  • [ICON] Trusted vendor marketplaceTrusted vendor marketplace

[DIAGRAM] Corvus Risk Dashboard

For Brokers

A better partner to brokers

Build your business with cyber insurance solutions backed by expert guidance, industry-leading threat intel, and more. 

[ICON] Better relationships, better business at Corvus Insurance

Better relationships, better business

Our expert underwriters are dedicated to helping more businesses become insurable. We’ll work with you to tailor each quote and find creative solutions to complex risks.

[ICON] Fast, data-driven quotes

Fast, data-driven quotes

Get a quote in under two hours for most submissions, or an autoquote in less than a minute for eligible businesses.

[ICON] Expand your cyber expertise

Expand your cyber expertise

Build your knowledge of all things cyber, with the latest insights on emerging threats, cyber incidents, and risk management, plus resources for your clients.

Corvus Partnership


Corvus Insurance Expands Cyber Underwriting Relationship with Travelers

With a focus on tailored coverage, service, and proactive risk management, this collaboration aims to empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Corvus Insurance Expands Cyber Underwriting Relationship with Travelers



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