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Threat Intel Updates

Weekly updates from the Corvus Threat Intel team and CISO Jason Rebholz.

T-Mobile and Nissan Breached, New Git Vulnerabilities, & SSO Smishing

T-Mobile and Nissan disclose breaches, critical security flaws discovered by GitLab, and Single Sign On smishing strikes. 

AI Helps Cybercriminals, Control Web Panel Vulnerability, Exploits of Unpatched Microsoft Exchange

AI helps cybercriminals, critical vulnerability in control web panel, and unpatched Microsoft...

Breach at Slack, Breach at CircleCI, & Unpatched Vulnerability Behind Rackspace Ransomware Outage

Breach at Slack, breach at CircleCI, and unpatched Microsoft Exchange causes ransomware incident.

Microsoft Vulnerability, Fortinet Exploited, & Security Tools for Software Development

Critical Microsoft vulnerability, Fortinet exploited in the wild, and new tools to help software...

Rackspace Hit By Ransomware, Healthcare Industry, Too, & Google Chrome Vulnerability

Rackspace hit by a ransomware attack, healthcare industry (also) hit by ransomware, and Google...

Cuba Ransomware Operation, (Another) LastPass Breach, & Hacks on Redis

Cuba ransomware operation, another breach at LastPass, new hacks on an old vulnerability.

Hive Ransomware, Holiday Phishing Scams, & Amazon RDS Leaks Data

Hive ransomware makes a profit, phishing for the holidays, and Amazon RDS leaks personal data.

Exploiting Zero Days, Citrix Vulnerability, and SEO Poisoning

Attackers are exploiting zero-days faster, Citrix vulnerability, and SEO poisoning attack.

Emotet Malware (Back Again), Law Firm Impersonators, & Dropbox Breach

Return of Emotet malware, law firm impersonation, and a breach at Dropbox.

New York Post Hack, Vice Society Diversifies, & Raspberry Robin Malware

New York Post hack, Vice Society diversifies attacks, and Raspberry Robin malware.