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Expert incident response and claims management

When a security breach happens, every minute matters. Our expert, in-house claims team is available 24/7 to help you understand, manage, and recover from an incident.

The Claims Process

In it together

We’ll help guide you through the entire breach response and claims process—before, during, and after a cybersecurity incident.

[ICON] 24/7 Claims Hotline Service

Your first call

Reach an incident response expert any time, day or night, with our 24/7 claims hotline. We’ll review your coverage and help you understand what steps to take to start the recovery process.

[DIAGRAM] Your first call with the Corvus Incident Response Team

[DIAGRAM] Personalized, rapid response and breach coach from Corvus Insurance

[ICON] Personalized, rapid response

Personalized, rapid response

Every incident—and business—is unique. That’s why we immediately assign a dedicated claims manager and a team of cyber experts tailored to each case. In the event of an incident, our in-house team will work hand-in-hand with you and your broker to expedite recovery.

[ICON] Track claims updates and documents

Claims made simple

Our in-house claims team provides ongoing updates to both policyholders and brokers during the recovery process. You can also log into your Corvus Risk Dashboard to track updates and documentation in real-time.  

[DIAGRAM] Corvus Risk Dashboard from Corvus Insurance

Corvus Claims Leadership Team

With you every step of the way

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] James Berry - Chief Claims Officer, Corvus Insurance

James Berry

Chief Claims Officer
[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Jaime Palumbo - Head of US Claims, Corvus Insurance

Jaime Palumbo

Head of US Claims
[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Lyndsey Howden - Head of UK Claims, Corvus Insurance

Lyndsey Howden

Head of UK Claims

[DIAGRAM] Unlimited access to expert support services at Corvus Insurance

[ICON] Personal Claims Manager

Unlimited access to expert support

Your personal claims manager will be available to answer any questions and ensure you’re on track to recovery.

We’ll also connect you with the right experts for critical response services, providing vendor recommendations tailored to your business. All vendors are fully independent and carefully vetted, so you can be confident you’re working with the best.

[ICON] Session with Corvus Chief Information Security Officer

Protect against future cyber threats

After an incident, schedule a one-hour session with our Chief Information Security Officer to discuss cyber risk mitigation and resilience best practices.

Our Risk Advisory team is also available to provide expert guidance on how to improve your security controls based on scan findings and information gathered from the forensics investigation.

[DIAGRAM] Protect against future cyber threats with the help of recommendations from the Corvus Scan


Be prepared

In the event of a cyber attack, advanced preparation and partnership with your insurer can make all the difference.

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Frequently asked questions

Your cyber insurance provider is an important partner in mitigating security threats. Every Corvus policy includes access to Corvus Signal™, the only cyber risk mitigation solution proven to reduce risk. Policyholders engaged with Corvus Signal™ have experienced up to a 20% reduction in the frequency and cost of cyber breaches. With Corvus Signal™, policyholders gain access to unlimited consultations with cyber experts, real-time intelligence on emerging threats, and easy-to-use tools to manage security risks.

Our Smart Cyber Insurance® policy covers losses resulting from a security breach or cyber crime event, including: first-party losses, or losses suffered by your company (for example, income loss or digital asset loss) and third-party losses (amounts that your company is legally obligated to pay to others).

Contact your commercial insurance broker and ask them about cyber liability coverage. Corvus's offerings are available via select appointed agencies around the country. Our expert cyber underwriters work hand-in-hand with brokers to provide fast, accurate, and fully customized cyber insurance quotes.

Common cyber incidents that trigger claims include:

  • Ransomware attacks: Hackers lock up files or devices and demand a ransom payment in exchange for release

  • Data breaches: Confidential data is stolen or otherwise exposed

  • Wire fraud: An employee is tricked into sending money to a scammer

  • System failure: Shutdowns due to system outages that may or may not be malicious in nature