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Corvus Insights Blog

Our thoughts on cyber risk, underwriting, data science, and insurance.

Change Healthcare Hack: Everything You Need To Know

Change Healthcare experienced a ransomware attack with unprecedented fallout. What happened, and what have we learned?

Women in Cyber: Advice from the Field

In honor of Women’s History Month, we connected with women making significant contributions to cyber for career advice, lessons from the field, and more.

Law Enforcement Can Help in a Cyber Crisis — But Prevention is Even Better

Law enforcement is thwarting threat actors on the dark web, but how can organizations lay a strong security foundation (with or without the FBI's help?).

What’s Next in Tech E&O: What Corvus Underwriters Are Seeing

Corvus’s Tech E&O underwriters are keeping an eye on what’s next for the Tech E&O market. Learn more about their insights.

The Crucial First 48 Hours: Navigating Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The actions you take in the first 48 hours of a business disruption set the stage for recovery. Our guide to BCDR can help get you started.

Keep It Real: Avoid Falling for the Rise of Deepfake Phishing Scams

What if you suspected a phishing email, but your CFO confirmed it was legitimate? We'll explore the recent deepfake phishing attack and how to prevent it.

Q4 Ransomware Report: 2023 Ends as a Record-Breaking Year

In this report, we will highlight some more of our findings from Q4 2023 and also look at trends across 2023.

Cyber and Manufacturing: If You Build It, Threat Actors Will Come

Ransomware attacks against the manufacturing sector increased by 1177% between Q1 2021 and Q1 2023. How can the industry fight back?

Cyber and Healthcare: Treating the Rise of Ransomware

Based on external threat intelligence and our own book of business, we're exploring the cyber risks healthcare entities face.

Another Record-Breaking Month for Ransomware: November Up 110% YoY

Yet another record-shattering month for the number of ransomware victims on leak sites. Here’s what you need to know.