Making insurance smarter, policyholders safer, and brokers more successful.

A Smarter Approach

At Corvus, we build Smart Commercial Insurance Products: policies built on data-driven underwriting.

We constantly make our products smarter by applying findings from new sources of data analyzed with machine learning and AI techniques. We deliver novel insights to our broker partners, helping to make them smarter about complex risks their clients face. And we’re transforming an industry that lacks transparency by informing the insurance buyer, helping them to be smarter about practices to mitigate risk and prevent loss.

Like our namesakes the Corvids, the family of birds revered as the most intelligent on earth, we believe we stand a breed apart.

How Corvus is Reimagining Commercial Insurance


Breaking the Silence on Cyber

A decade ago, Marc Andreessen proclaimed “software is eating the world” and today that holds true. Yet as software has become ubiquitous, so has the threat of exploit by cyber criminals. Anyone connected to digital infrastructure is at risk, and today, that’s everyone. 

In the face of this abundant risk, the insurance industry is paralyzed. Centuries-old practices preclude the use of new insights. Underwriting with lengthy paper applications still rules the day. And the industry remains silent on cyber coverage, leading to ambiguity for brokers and policyholders.

At Corvus we aim to affirm Cyber coverage in all our products, using best-in-class data science and technology capabilities to embrace this global threat. 

See how we’re raising our voice on cyber. 

Data Drives Corvus

The quality of data you collect dictates the quality of your insights.  At Corvus, we are constantly evaluating new sources of data, and analyzing the sources we believe will provide novel insight. The results of this applied-AI process can be seen in Corvus’s Dynamic Loss Prevention® reports and our easy-to-use tools to help brokers understand complex risks and educate their clients.

Corvus Score: Cyber

Our holistic measure of a company’s IT security. Based on the Corvus ScanTM, it is a key component in our underwriting team’s proprietary process, enabling customized price and coverage options.

Risk Exposure Groups

Vulnerabilities in a company’s IT security profile represent exposure to certain cyber risks. In our DLP report, we map these risks to insurance exposure groups that brokers are familiar with.

Insights from IoT

Billions of data points collected from sensors on millions of shipments provide a clearer view of patterns and trends in risk for cargo shipments. Learn more about Data Science at Corvus.


Rebuilding Commercial Insurance

The Product Team at Corvus has a single goal: to empower brokers. We aim to build intuitive tools that reduce administrative work for brokers and provide them with insight to better understand, and inform their clients on, complex risk.

Ease of Use

Our platform was built on direct feedback and advice from brokers who use it. We’ve honed the experience to be easy for brokers and their clients to work with.

Commercial Insurance is famously stuck in its ways. We continually adapt our products with findings from our Data Science team so that the product keeps pace with the changing cyber risk landscape.
By reducing the amount of work that goes into submitting and binding business, the Smart Commercial Insurance process is significantly faster than a traditional insurer’s.
With instant access through our platform, brokers see all the documents and risk management information pertaining to their clients at any time.

Built by Insurance and Technology Veterans

Phil Edmundson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Lloyd

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Mike Karbassi

Head of Cyber Underwriting

Barrett Heacock

Senior Vice President, Finance

Stacey Richey

VP of People

Smart Commercial Insurance Products

The Corvus CrowBar®

Crows set the bar in smarts among birds, and at Corvus we pursue the same standard. Our platform has been engineered for brokers with an aim to provide best in class software for brokers in the areas of ease of use, self-service, automation and speed.

Short and Dynamic Applications

By leveraging third party data to inform our underwriting, we are able to keep our applications short. We only ask as many questions as we need to in order to provide a bindable quote. Most brokers complete our application in under a minute.

Risk Management Hub

Policyholders and brokers have access to the NetDiligence eRiskHub at their fingertips through the CrowBar. Take advantage of pre-claim support services, risk management training and learning resources. The portal is constantly updated with the most recent news and training to ensure users are always aware of the latest trends.

Quick Quoting

Short on time? Need a quote on a Saturday? Looking to impress a client with best-in-class service? We’ve got you covered. With just a few questions, we are able to provide you with a bindable quote and Corvus Score within just minutes on most accounts.


(Re) Building a Ransomware Risk Score for the Future

One of the latest additions to the Corvus Smart Cyber policy is the Ransomware Risk Score. In this post we’re going to break down how this score works from a data science perspective to show behind the scenes how scores like this are generated.

Mike Karbassi

Mike Karbassi is Vice President and Head of Cyber Underwriting at Corvus. He specializes in Network Security, Privacy Liability, Technology E&O, Media Liability, and Miscellaneous Professional Liability. Karbassi has over a decade of experience in insurance and is a graduate of the Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Gerritt Graham

Gerritt is the Chief Commercial Officer at Corvus. He has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, primarily focused on technology and data solutions for the financial services industry.

James McElhiney

James co-founded Corvus and is the company’s Chief Technology Officer. A 30+ year technology veteran, Jaimie most recently served as CTO of Iora Health and previously co-founded Gazelle.

Mike Lloyd

Mike Lloyd is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Corvus Insurance. Previously, Mike co-founded Poncho, a personal lines agency InsurTech startup, and was a venture investor at FJ Labs. Mike has an MBA from Harvard Business School and engineering degrees from Virginia Military Institute and MIT.

Phil Edmundson

Phil is the founder and CEO of Corvus. A 30+ year insurance veteran, Phil co-founded broker William Gallagher Associates (acquired by Arthur J Gallagher in 2015) and was an active leader in both the Worldwide Broker Network and Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. Phil is the Managing Partner of Edmus Ventures where he invests in InsurTech companies including Verifly, Wellthie, Agentero, and Cover Wallet, and serves on the board of Cover Wallet.

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