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Smart Cyber Insurance Solutions

Comprehensive cyber insurance coverage that protects you against evolving threats.

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Insurance at the Speed of Cyber 

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Data-driven risk mitigation


Data-driven risk mitigation

Solutions built for evolving threats and rapid response. With a constant stream of new data, we continuously refine our coverage, risk management, and proactive alerting so that policyholders are never behind the curve.


How Data Drives Corvus Solutions

Dynamic Coverage

A tight feedback loop across our claims, cybersecurity, and data science teams means our underwriters are equipped to offer coverage that’s adapted to current threats. 

Proactive Protection

Our “always on” approach to IT security scanning and threat intelligence gathering enables rapid vulnerability alerting and risk management tools to make policyholders safer.

Rapid Response

Backed by data about thousands of cyber incidents, our in-house experts know how to respond effectively, and are ready to help 24/7/365.

[SMART CYBER INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Ace underwriters, Incisive data, Specialized tools

Supercharged underwriters

Predictive data. Specialized tools.

Our world-class underwriting team is driven to tackle the most dynamic risk in insurance: cyber. We supercharge our underwriters with predictive insights through our Corvus Risk Navigator™ platform.


Our Solutions


    Smart Cyber Coverage


    Proactive Risk Mitigation


    Rapid Incident Response

Smart Cyber Insurance® 

Smart Cyber includes a policy with comprehensive first- and third-party insurance coverage, access to tools and expert advice for improving security, year-round critical threat alerts, and 24/7 incident response.

Smart Tech E+O Insurance

Smart Tech E+O includes a policy with comprehensive cyber coverage that’s adapted to meet the needs of technology and professional services firms. Policyholders enjoy all of the added benefits of Smart Cyber.

Brokers Love Corvus 

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[PARTNER PHOTO] Andrew Kelly - Alexander J Wayne and Associates


"Corvus’s service has been outstanding. They have done what so many markets fail to do: think. They took a difficult submission and effortfully turned it into a bindable piece of business. The team’s professionalism and expertise has been something I do not nearly see enough of in today’s insurance industry."


Andrew Kelly | Executive Vice President, Alexander J Wayne and Associates