Smart Commercial Insurance

Smart Phones. Smart Thermostats. Smart Banking. Welcome to Smart Commercial Insurance.

Corvus Insurance is a broker-friendly InsurTech MGA. We offer Smart Commercial Insurance policies and innovative technology that utilizes new forms of data to predict and prevent claims, creating value for policyholder, broker, and underwriter.

As consumers, we all take pleasure in a great digital experience; we love the 24/7 ability to check our investment account, access our home security system, or check our credit score. At Corvus, we believe it is time that this type of experience comes to commercial insurance brokers and their clients.

The Corvus Difference





  • The CrowBar, our online digital platform, provides fast, easy, 24/7 access to policy information and claims reporting for brokers and their clients
  • CrowBar enabled insurance products utilize novel data sources to provide a Corvus Score that informs underwriting and flags vulnerabilities throughout the policy period
  • Dynamic Loss Prevention™ delivers actionable, risk-prioritized loss prevention recommendations and business intelligence to reduce the total cost of risk

Smart Cyber Insurance

Offers brokers an advantage over traditional cyber insurance by utilizing non-intrusive network security assessments and innovative web scanning technology to provide better pricing, enhanced coverage, and tools for proactive risk management and loss prevention.

Smart Cargo Insurance

Utilizes cargo sensor data, advanced analytics, and innovative technology to provide brokers with tools to help client better predict and prevent perishable cargo from spoilage in transit, along with better pricing, and enhanced coverage.

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