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Smart Tech E+O Insurance

Our data-enabled Smart Tech E+O™ insurance policy offers broad first-party and third-party coverage for technology services, technology products, and professional services. Each policy includes a Corvus Scan report with detailed IT security recommendations, access to our Policyholder Dashboard and vCISO experience, and ongoing vulnerability alerting.

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Smart Tech E&O Insurance Coverage

Policy Features - Smart Tech E+O Insurance

Smart Coverage

Our proprietary underwriting process leverages data insight, AI, and machine learning to quote coverage for most accounts within minutes, while providing our experienced underwriting team with tools and insights to work on complex risks.

Online Broker Platform

Corvus's broker platform, the CrowBar, optimizes quoting with the shortest application in the industry, enabling brokers to request and receive quotes within minutes for most accounts. The CrowBar provides brokers with instant access to extensive resources, including a risk management portal for cyber education and training.

Risk Mitigation

Policyholders receive a Corvus Scan report quarterly that highlights prioritized IT vulnerabilities and access to security control consults for operational cybersecurity insight. Ongoing cyber threat monitoring, proactive risk management strategies, and risk alerts ensure that brokers and policyholders are informed of emerging risks.

Incident Response

A digital claims experience improves access and visibility to the claims process. Our dedicated breach response and cyber claims teams work with you throughout the life cycle of the claim and can assist with the engagement of vetted and trusted partners such as breach counsel and forensics firms to ensure success.

Comprehensive + Flexible Coverage

The art of underwriting complex risk should never lose its human touch. While much of our underwriting process is automated through risk models built by our Data Science team, we understand that certain cases require expert review. Our Underwriting Team has decades of experience in Cyber and Tech E&O policy coverage, so no matter the size or distinctiveness of the business, you can be sure the quote you’re getting has been developed with care.

Third-Party Coverages:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory Investigations, Fines, and Penalties
  • Media Liability
  • PCI DSS Assessment Expenses
  • Breach Management Expenses
  • Technology and Professional Services E&O

First-Party Coverages:


  • Bricking Coverage
  • Invoice Manipulation
  • Forensic Accounting Coverage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Criminal Reward Coverage
  • Preventative Shutdown

Industry Classes Covered by Smart Tech E+O Insurance

Most technology-based services companies are eligible, including:

  • Technology services companies

  • Technology products

  • Professional services companies

  • and more

Exempt classes include: Social networking websites, chat-rooms/blogs/message boards, user-generated content websites (i.e YouTube), online dating websites, gambling, adult content, video game developers, aviation software, microchip manufacturers, cryptocurrency/Bitcoin

Risk + Response Services and Claims

Risk mitigation services. Breach response experts. Real-time access to claim information. Welcome to smarter insurance.

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Risk + Response Services

Data drives Corvus – and that includes the technology errors and omissions claims experience. With our Policyholder Dashboard, brokers and policyholders get instant access to claims information.

When a Smart Cyber Insurance claim occurs, the Corvus claims team works closely with the policyholder as well as with our risk-taking partner Crum & Forster Insurance. Crum & Forster has more than 500 claim professionals nationwide, with specialized expertise in Cyber and Technology E&O Claims are initiated through a breach coach, who is available 24/7.

After the dust has settled, our Data Science team gathers Corvus Scan data on the impacted IT system one week and one month before the claim. The Corvus team advises the policyholder on how to improve IT security, providing specific recommendations and proactive risk solutions directly related to the claim.

And before a claim ever occurs, we offer policyholders a number of opportunities to improve their cybersecurity, with features such as our Corvus Security Control Consults, plus reduced-cost offerings from partners. Learn more about our standard services and enhanced services for larger accounts.

Common Questions - Smart Tech E+O Insurance


Our Tech E+O policy is our Cyber policy plus Technology and Professional Services Liability coverage (for any amounts, subject to the limit of insurance, that your business is required to pay as the result of an act, error, or omission in the rendering of your services or the failure of your products to perform as intended).

Corvus considers several factors when calculating premiums, including the applicant's score on our scan, the applicant's revenue, the quality of the applicant's cybersecurity controls, the limit requested, and the types of technology services being offered.

Premiums can range depending on the type and size of the business insured. Annual premiums start at around $3,000.

  • An HR software provider with thousands of small business customers discovers a bug in their software that caused errors in calculations pertaining to accounting and pay records. A number of affected customers sued for the failure, seeking reimbursement for the software usage fees as well as for the costs to remediate the errors. In this case, technology products coverage would be triggered.

  • An app developer was hired by a client to build a mobile app to better serve the client's customers. The client noticed that download activity was much lower than expected; then complaints began to come in from customers who were getting an error message when trying to sign up for the app. Thousands of users were not able to sign up and the client sued for lost revenues. The app developer's Tech E+O policy would cover this claim.

Tech E+O insurance is specific to technology services and software companies. It is a combination of Cyber coverage and tailored E+O (Errors + Omissions) coverage to protect policyholders in the event of an error in the rendering of their services. Combining these coverage types on one policy eliminates the possibility of finger-pointing between carriers since the same event could trigger both a Cyber and an E+O claim.

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