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About Corvus

Building a Safer World

Corvus’s mission is a simple one: to make the world a safer place. This isn’t just a high-flown idea — Corvus is actively helping our policyholders to predict and prevent adverse events, as well as supplying the coverage that helps them withstand events when they do happen. In addition to helping our policyholders, Corvids are given the support they need to help make their worlds — big and small — safer, through a number of Corvus-led initiatives.


See How We Bring Our Safer World Mission to Life

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Corvus Culture


Building the future of insurance through understanding, empowerment, and transparency.

Meet the Flock: Corvus Leadership


A tech startup team with insurance DNA. Our team has decades of experience in commercial insurance and decades more building and growing technology-enabled companies. We’re underwriters, data scientists, product builders, and engineers united by a mission: to make the world a safer place by helping organizations mitigate or eliminate the impact of adverse events. We’re inspired by the intelligent, tool-building corvid family of birds that gives us our name. We’re excited to meet you. Welcome to the Flock.

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Madhu Tadikonda - Chief Executive Officer, Corvus Insurance

Madhu Tadikonda

Chief Executive Officer

Madhu Tadikonda is the CEO of Corvus Insurance. Madhu began his insurance career at AIG, first as the Head of Data Science for Commercial Insurance, and then as Global Chief Underwriting Officer, overseeing $20+bn of premium worldwide. After AIG, Madhu moved to the InsurTech world, as co-founder and founding executive team member for Archipelago Analytics and bolttech (where he also served as Chief Commercial Officer and President of the US business). Earlier, Madhu was a partner at Oliver Wyman and spent 10 years as a venture capitalist, with an emphasis on data-driven disruptors in a variety of industries.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Phil Edmundson - Founder, Executive Chair & Chair of the Board of Corvus, Corvus Insurance

Phil Edmundson

Founder, Executive Chair & Chair of the Board of Corvus

Phil is the founder and CEO of Corvus. A 30+ year insurance veteran, Phil co-founded broker William Gallagher Associates (acquired by Arthur J Gallagher in 2015) and was an active leader in both the Worldwide Broker Network and Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. Phil is the Managing Partner of Edmus Ventures where he invests in InsurTech companies including Verifly, Hi Marley, reThought, Agentero, and CoverWallet, and served on the board of CoverWallet until its acquisition in 2020 by Aon.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Mike Lloyd - Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Corvus Insurance

Mike Lloyd

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Mike Lloyd is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Corvus Insurance. Previously, Mike co-founded Poncho, a personal lines agency InsurTech startup, and was a venture investor at FJ Labs. Mike has an MBA from Harvard Business School and engineering degrees from Virginia Military Institute and MIT.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Lori Bailey - Chief Insurance Officer, Corvus Insurance

Lori Bailey

Chief Insurance Officer

Lori Bailey is the Chief Insurance Officer at Corvus, with over 20 years' experience in cyber liability and specialty lines insurance on both the carrier and broker sides of the industry. Prior to joining Corvus, Lori was the Global Head of Cyber Risk for Zurich Insurance where she developed and implemented global underwriting strategies, governance, and product offerings for all cyber risk exposures. She has also held leadership roles at AIG and Marsh throughout her career. Lori is a graduate of Dickinson College where she holds a B.A. in Economics and Spanish. She also holds an M.A. from Villanova University.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Barrett Heacock - Senior Vice President of Finance, Corvus Insurance

Barrett Heacock

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Barrett places a strong focus on operational finance and overall corporate strategy to drive the growth of the business. He has participated in many equity and debt financings and has a proven track record of creating significant shareholder value. Prior to Corvus, Barrett was the VP, Operations at Quickbase, a SaaS business application platform. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Kori Johanson - General Counsel, Corvus Insurance

Kori Johanson

General Counsel

Kori Johanson is a recognized insurance industry expert with worldwide regulatory and corporate compliance and government affairs experience. She brings to Corvus more than two decades' worth of experience as legal counsel in the insurance industry.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Angela Whiteford - Chief Marketing Officer, Corvus Insurance

Angela Whiteford

Chief Marketing Officer

Angela Singhal Whiteford is Chief Marketing Officer at Corvus Insurance. A results-driven marketing leader, Angela has more than two decades of marketing and product management experience spanning several technology verticals, including telecommunications, identity management, and robotics. Angela has a proven track record of driving category leadership and brand authority for high-growth companies. Angela’s recent experience includes marketing leadership roles at Affirmed Networks (acquired by Microsoft), Forter, and Berkshire Grey.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Mike Karbassi - Chief Underwriting Officer, Corvus Insurance

Mike Karbassi

Chief Underwriting Officer

Mike Karbassi is the Chief Underwriting Officer at Corvus. He specializes in Network Security, Privacy Liability, Technology E&O, Media Liability, and Miscellaneous Professional Liability. Karbassi has over a decade of experience in insurance and is a graduate of the Boston University Questrom School of Business.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Vincent Weafer - Chief Technology Officer, Corvus Insurance

Vincent Weafer

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent is Corvus’s Chief Technology Officer and brings over 25 years of experience in leading global security research, cyber engineering, and threat analytic teams at firms including Capital One, McAfee, Intel Security, and Symantec. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has helped establish key industry working groups such as the Cyber Threat Alliance. Throughout his career, Vincent has been invited to testify as a subject matter expert on multiple government committees. Weafer holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Dublin City University in Ireland.

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[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Jason Rebholz - Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance

Jason Rebholz

Chief Information Security Officer

Jason Rebholz is the Chief Information Security Officer at Corvus. He has over a decade of experience performing forensic investigations into sophisticated cyberattacks and helping organizations build secure and resilient environments. As Corvus’s CISO, Jason leverages his incident response, security, and infrastructure expertise to drive security strategy and reduce the risk of security threats internally at Corvus and for Corvus's policyholders. Prior to joining Corvus, Jason held leadership roles at Mandiant, The Crypsis Group, Gigamon, and MOXFIVE.

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Corvus Investors & Directors

[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Ellen Rubin - CEO & Co-founder, ClearSky Data

Ellen Rubin

CEO & Co-founder, ClearSky Data
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Matt Harris - Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Matt Harris

Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Graham Brooks - Partner, .406 Ventures

Graham Brooks

Partner, .406 Ventures
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Marcus Bartram - Partner, Telstra Ventures

Marcus Bartram

Partner, Telstra Ventures
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Max Chee - Head, Aquiline Technology Growth

Max Chee

Head, Aquiline Technology Growth
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Liam Donohue - Founding Managing Partner, .406 Ventures

Liam Donohue

Founding Managing Partner, .406 Ventures
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Kevin Kelly - Vice Chair of Global Risk Solutions, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Kevin Kelley

Vice Chair of Global Risk Solutions, Liberty Mutual Insurance
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Kevin McLoughlin - Co-founder, MTech Capital

Kevin McLoughlin

Co-founder, MTech Capital
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Vikas Singhal - Partner, Hudson Structured Capital Management

Vikas Singhal

Partner, Hudson Structured Capital Management
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] David Spiro - Managing Director, Insight Partners

David Spiro

Managing Director, Insight Partners
[CORVUS INVESTOR & DIRECTOR HEADSHOT] Vishal Vasishth - Managing Director, Obvious Ventures

Vishal Vasishth

Managing Director, Obvious Ventures

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Analyzing Risk Aggregation in Cyber Insurance

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But it doesn't mean there's no path forward. In fact, work done in areas like Property insurance has paved the way, and the wide variety of data available in cyber provides for a unique opportunity to measure risk. In this whitepaper, we explore these topics in detail with help from our partners at CyberCube.


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