4 May 2020
Lauren Winchester

Helping your clients better prepare for cyber incidents: premier services from Corvus

Today we’re pleased to share some new ways for brokers to help their larger clients better predict, prevent and prepare for cyber incidents.

Working in Breach Response, I’ve helped hundreds of policyholders experiencing the nightmare scenario: systems locked down, unable to operate, and unreliable criminals on the other end of the line demanding thousands of dollars. 

The bad news is that this can happen to any company: even the best defenses aren’t perfect. There’s always the “people risk” factor that’s impossible to eliminate, and a never-ending stream of new threats that is tough for even the most enterprising CISOs to keep ahead of. 

The good news is that your clients can make these incidents a lot less painful if they take the right steps to prepare their team. They may even reduce their risk as well, by identifying weak points in their security posture, and remediating them. 

Introducing Corvus Black 

Today we’re pleased to share some new ways for brokers to help their larger clients better predict, prevent and prepare for cyber incidents. 

First released to Corvus broker partners earlier this year, Corvus Black is a set of premier services for accounts with over $100 million in annual revenue. Today we are announcing three new services to the menu for Corvus Black accounts:

  • An Onboarding call with the Corvus VP of Smart Breach Response (that’s me!)
  • Incident Response Plan Creation or Review 
  • Virtual Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

These services now appear in the Corvus Black services listing in the
CrowBar, along with other services. These include IT scans for your clients’ key vendors to assess third-party cyber risk — a unique offering only from Corvus — and detailed walkthroughs of your clients’ own security reports (Corvus DLP Reports), as well as phishing testing. 

Each service has been selected because of its impact in either reducing cyber risk, or improving response capabilities in the event of an incident. All Corvus accounts with over $100 million in annual revenue are automatically eligible, and all services are free of charge for qualifying accounts. Information about the program will be delivered to you directly when a quote you submit qualifies. 

Ready to learn more? I explain each of these services in the video below. You can also view a PDF menu of services

Mike Karbassi

Mike Karbassi is Vice President and Head of Cyber Underwriting at Corvus. He specializes in Network Security, Privacy Liability, Technology E&O, Media Liability, and Miscellaneous Professional Liability. Karbassi has over a decade of experience in insurance and is a graduate of the Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Gerritt Graham

Gerritt is the Chief Commercial Officer at Corvus. He has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, primarily focused on technology and data solutions for the financial services industry.

James McElhiney

James co-founded Corvus and is the company’s Chief Technology Officer. A 30+ year technology veteran, Jaimie most recently served as CTO of Iora Health and previously co-founded Gazelle.

Mike Lloyd

Mike Lloyd is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Corvus Insurance. Previously, Mike co-founded Poncho, a personal lines agency InsurTech startup, and was a venture investor at FJ Labs. Mike has an MBA from Harvard Business School and engineering degrees from Virginia Military Institute and MIT.

Phil Edmundson

Phil is the founder and CEO of Corvus. A 30+ year insurance veteran, Phil co-founded broker William Gallagher Associates (acquired by Arthur J Gallagher in 2015) and was an active leader in both the Worldwide Broker Network and Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. Phil is the Managing Partner of Edmus Ventures where he invests in InsurTech companies including Verifly, Wellthie, Agentero, and Cover Wallet, and serves on the board of Cover Wallet.

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