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Data Science + Technology

Reimagining Commercial Insurance Using Data Science & AI Technology

Like our namesake — the Corvus family of intelligent, tool-using birds — we like to do things the smarter way. For ravens, crows, and rooks, that might involve fashioning twigs into spears to hunt bugs. For us? We’ve set out to make commercial insurance better with our own set of tools.

New and unique sources of data are the backbone of everything we do. It drives our predictive modeling, approach to underwriting, and oversight on emerging risks. With our digital-first approach, binding business is fast and intuitive, reducing risk is straightforward, and the process is always transparent.


Corvus Insurance Smart Product Overview

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Reimagining Commercial Insurance Using Data Science & AI Technology


Quick Quoting

With just a few questions, we are able to provide most accounts with a bindable quote and Corvus Score within minutes.


vCISO Center

Our virtual CISO helps policyholders prioritize actions that’ll most improve their cybersecurity posture through our Corvus Scan, Security Questionnaire, Action Center, and Vendor Marketplace.

[SMART INSURANCE ICON] Risk Aggregation Platform

Risk Aggregation PlatformTM

As cyber risk evolves, so does our approach to risk management. Data is packaged and delivered in real-time to our program partners through an online dashboard.

[SMART INSURANCE ICON] Dynamic Applications


It’s easy to stay up-to-date with your clients. Our platform provides instant access to everything you need, so no more hunting down documents in your sent folder.

The Corvus CrowBar®

Our platform was built on direct feedback and advice from brokers who use it. They wanted software that made their job easier. We figured out how.

Submitting and binding business is faster, documents and risk management information stay up-to-date, and without trails of emails and PDFs, everything is a lot more straightforward. Just as cyber should be.

The CrowBar effectively uses new sources of data such as mobile devices and advanced security scans to create an easy-to-use, data-driven tool for our brokers.


Sign Into the CrowBar

[CORVUS BROKER PARTNER] Brian Thornton - President, ProWriters

What Do Our Partners Have to Say?

Brian Thornton - President, ProWriters

"We knew their insurance product was competitive, but in Corvus, we found a true partner. From top to bottom we think about the insurance business similarly. Whether we are talking about building an API integration or working with the underwriting team, our partnership with Corvus has been fantastic, and it is only the beginning."

The Corvus Scan

There’s a vast array of information about a company’s IT infrastructure that is visible to the world at all times — if you know where, and how, to look for it. The Corvus Scan has the same view malicious actors do when they seek out vulnerable organizations. By analyzing your public-facing web infrastructure and combining this data with internet-wide vulnerability and threat research, we can provide actionable recommendations to make your organization more threat-resistant.

API Integration

We partner with affinity platforms, aggregators, business services providers, and insurance brokerages of all types to develop custom, strategic solutions to meet their business goals. With just the right mix of API-enabled tech integration, customized coverage, and value-added risk services, our partnership solution complements and enhances your business, without adding layers of complexity.


Developers: Click Here to View Our API


Corvus Smart Cyber Partners™

Our Smart Cyber Partnerships™ take the guesswork out of selecting vetted, cybersecurity vendors for our policyholders, and include highly-respected names such as:

[SMART INSURANCE DIAGRAM] Corvus Data Science Blog

Check Out Our Data Science Blog

Stay up-to-date with the latest findings from our Data Science Team. With fresh insights on everything going on in the cyber world, you’ll have something new to share at the dinner table (backed by data, of course).


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Want to get quoting with Corvus? Drop us a line and we will set you up on our platform, the CrowBar®, for automated quoting.

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If you’d like to notify Corvus of a claim, please email claims@corvusinsurance.com.


Headquarters Contact:

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Additional US offices in:

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Corvus London Markets Office:

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Corvus Germany Office:

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