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[VIDEO] Dynamic Loss Prevention Explained

Experience Enhanced Cyber Risk Reporting from Corvus Insurance 

Dynamic Loss Prevention Reports help brokers and policyholders better understand risk.



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Hi, we're Corvus. We provide Smart Cyber Insurance. We provide brokers with a non-intrusive scan that measures their clients' IT security. With the results of the scan, we create our proprietary Dynamic Loss Prevention Report.

The Corvus Score is an aggregated, weighted measure of a client's exposure profile. It enables us to offer customized price and coverage options for brokers.  We provide ratings for groups of IT vulnerabilities and show how each one relates to insurance risk. This helps brokers translate complex information for their clients. We also provide recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities. These are rated by the potential impact on overall security.

Maintaining cybersecurity requires constant vigilance. Corvus provides updated reports throughout the policy period, as well as access to third-party services for risk mitigation and post-breach response.

Cyber risk is complex. Brokers need smart tools to best serve their clients. The Corvus DLP Report helps brokers and their clients manage risk and prevent claims.