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Building Products At Corvus: Our Approach

What Makes Corvus Different Than Other Insurance Companies?

We at Corvus are always working to deliver a better experience to our brokers. Meet the team that drives us forward.



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[Jaimie McElhiney - Former Chief Technology Officer, Corvus Insurance] We believe that, you know, brokers and policyholders deserve a digital experience. What we're trying to do, we can't possibly buy it off the shelf, so we knew very early on that we had to hire a technology and product team.

[Tora Olafsen - Former Senior Product Manager, Corvus Insurance] By having on-site engineers, product managers, and designers in-house working together really collaboratively, we were able to innovate in ways that other insurance companies aren't.

[Christopher Hedenberg - Lead Data Scientist, Corvus Insurance] At Corvus, the data scientists are part of the product team. So not only are we doing more with our data, but the fact that we are integrated in with the software engineers helps us build more modern applications than what you see at other insurance companies.

[Mike Lloyd - Chief Product Officer, Corvus Insurance] One of our main goals at Corvus is to constantly think about and build software products that empower brokers. We're very agile and we're very quick to respond to broker needs and requests.

[Nathan Trimble - Former Regional Sales Manager, Corvus Insurance] Meeting with brokers and our customers on almost a daily basis, you get a lot of feedback and we're able to enact change at lightning speed.

[Michelle Darby - Software Engineer, Corvus Insurance] People who don't necessarily understand engineering think that it's like writing a bunch of lines of code and then something magical happens. In some ways, it's just a lot of problem-solving. And so being able to help at the conceptual user-level really applies like a why for what we're building.

[Erik Person - VP of Engineering, Corvus Insurance] The problems that our users have is what drives us. It just makes it so much fun when you see somebody's face light up that their work just got easier. You just made them faster. You just made their business better.

[Philip Edmundson - CEO & Founder, Corvus Insurance] We have an attitude that's much more like a tech company. We want to take our data and information that we use. Yes, to be better commercial insurance underwriters, and help everybody in the chain benefit and use that information in the context of our Corvus score that evaluates an organization's exposures today. And then we try to bring that all down from complex data science and machine learning into simple-to-understand recommendations and advice.

[Brian Alva - VP of Cyber Underwriting (West Coast), Corvus Insurance] The Dynamic Loss Prevention report that we provide to our insurance really gives a lot of insight as to what their cyber exposure actually is. It gives them a lot of tools to help improve their risk management by acting on suggestions that we give.

[Jaimie McElhiney - Former Chief Technology Officer, Corvus Insurance] In commercial insurance, there aren't other products like the CrowBar. You know, a lot of business is still done offline with emails, and faxes, and phone calls. The CrowBar is our platform that's easy to use, is simple, doesn't need any training, but gives them all the workflows and data that they need to do their jobs more effectively.

[Amanda Stantzos - VP of Cyber Underwriting (Midwest Region), Corvus Insurance] I think the brokers are going to get faster, smarter, better at what they do. And if we can help them do that, then it's a win for all of us.

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