Corvus Team

BEC: (Unfortunately) Easy as 1, 2, 3

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is perennially a top cybersecurity attack vector. Why? Because, unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for criminals to carry out, and it works. 

In this live webinar, Lauren Winchester, VP of Smart Breach Response at Corvus, and VP of Cyber Underwriting Peter Hedberg, discuss everything brokers need to know about BEC:

  1. The Attack - Why and How do Attackers Target Business Email Accounts?
  2. Prevention - Tools, training, and tactics
  3. Covering losses - What coverages can your clients expect from their Cyber insurance for losses relating to BEC and social engineering?

Watch here →

Cyber Hygiene for Public Utilities – Why Take Action Now, and How

A hacked power grid turning the lights out for millions, a dam being controlled by an adversary — these are the kinds of nightmare situations cybersecurity researchers often talk about in the context of cyber warfare or state-sponsored terrorism. 

(Re) Building a Ransomware Risk Score for the Future

  As ransomware rose to become the single biggest driver of cyber insurance claims in 2020, we felt that this aspect of cyber risk deserved more detailed reporting for brokers and policyholders. So we got to work. We decided to re-create one aspect of our overall cyber risk score, adding more detail and providing a separate report page in Smart Cyber quotes. You can read about the specifics of the score here.