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Corvus Insights Blog

Our thoughts on cyber risk, underwriting, data science, and insurance.

In the Binoculars: Jason Rebholz, Chief Information Security Officer

Join us as we discuss Jason's career background, journey to cyber insurance, and his hopes for the future of cybersecurity (hint: it’s about empathy).

A Chilling Tale of How Data Exfiltration Attacks Happen

Learn about how data extortion attacks happen (and how you can prevent them) as we tell the story of Parakeet Inc. around our (theoretical) campfire.

The Ransomware Handbook: Cybercriminals in the News

We’ll take a look at the most recognizable ransomware gangs to understand how they’ve succeeded (and what has worked to stop them).

4 Ways Cyber Brokers Are Embracing Digital Transformation

As cyber threats enter the spotlight, insurance's digital revolution plays an integral role behind the scenes. How should brokers approach these changes?

Data Science Insight: How VPN Vulnerabilities Affect Ransomware Risk

By using data from various companies, Corvus determined the likelihood of a security incident based on whether they used a high-risk or low-risk VPN.

Corvus Interview: Modern Cyber Warfare with John Hultquist

We sat down with cyber threat expert John Hultquist to learn more about the cybercrime ecosystem, Russia’s disruptive capabilities, and more.

Cyber Coverage Explained: PCI Fines and Penalties Coverage

Dive into PCI Fines and Penalties Coverage: the origins of PCI compliance, the cyber impact, what to watch for in policy wordings, and more.

Modern Warfare & Cyber Risk: Cybercrime Trends, Sanctions Impact & More

The war in Ukraine represented a sufficient shift in the global cyber threat landscape. Join us as we analyze the fallout.

Keeping up with Cybercriminals: The Future of Online Threats

As increased security measures make their job harder, cybercriminals are forced to get creative. What are the latest innovative threats we've seen?

Not Just 30 Days: Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community Year-Long

We wanted to take the time this month to celebrate and acknowledge the LGBTQIA+ community, as millions do the same in Pride events across the world.