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Corvus Insights Blog

Our thoughts on cyber risk, underwriting, data science, and insurance.

A Tale of How Business Email Compromise Attacks Work

Through the (frightening) tale of Craig in finance and his company, we'll discover what to expect from a business email compromise attack.

Women in Cyber: Corvus Interview

We’ve spoken with women on our team to get their perspective on everything from the best advice they’ve heard to dealing with imposter syndrome.

Ransomware Activity Declined Prior to and During the First Weeks of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Why?

Corvus observed a 30% reduction in ransomware claims frequency from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022. What does the Russian invasion of Ukraine have to do with it?

Your Survival Guide to the DDoS Resurgence

DDoS is back in the news. What is it about these attacks that make them a popular choice among threat actors, and how do we fight it?

In the Binoculars: Barrett Heacock, Chief Financial Officer

We sat down with Barrett to discuss his future goals for Corvus, his experience with high-growth companies, and more.

Small Businesses: How to Improve Your Security on a Budget

Good security is complex but achievable (even on a budget). Find out how to reduce the damage even the most innovative criminals can bring in this blog.

Identify, Attract & Retain: 3 Steps to Solve Your Cyber Talent Problem

We've gathered three unique perspectives on your most pressing cyber talent questions. Learn more in this short blog.

Cyber Coverage Explained: Sub-limits and Coinsurance

Corvus is covering the growing prevalence of sub-limits and coinsurance in policies where there may not have been a few years ago. Why is it happening?

Cyber Threats: 2021 in Review

Our roundup of this year's cybersecurity highs (what are we collectively doing right?) and the lows (what do we need to watch for in 2022?)

The Future of Insurance Distribution: Corvus Interview

We spoke with Sam Kramer and Nathan Walsh to learn about alternative distribution models and what the future of insurance distribution looks like.