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Corvus Insights Blog

Our thoughts on cyber risk, underwriting, data science, and insurance.

Ransomware Groups Want to Exploit Your File Transfer Software: Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that the dust has settled on CL0P’s second big zero-day exploit this year, let's reflect on what happened and plan for similar attacks in the future.

Kickstarting Your Security Program: How to Leverage NIST CSF Version 1.1 at Your Organization

Looking to identify gaps in your existing program or mature your program? We'll explore how CSF NST can help.

Record Ransomware Attacks: 6 Month Upward Trend Continues in July

The only thing hotter than the temperatures outside this summer? Ransomware. Here’s what you need to know.

Q2 Ransomware Report: Global Attacks At All-Time High

Global ransomware frequency continues an upward trend from late 2022. Corvus observed a 29% QoQ increase in Q2 and a 72% increase YoY on leak sites.

How Our Policyholders Avoid Vulnerability Patching Paralysis

Corvus policyholders patch 3x faster with our tailored threat alerts. So, how do we decide when, and who, to alert?

Generative AI is here. How does it impact cyber insurance?

Brokers are asking about the impact of generative AI on cyber insurance. Don't ask ChatGPT yet — we have the answers.

Can Cyber Risk Prevention Really Work? Yes, And Here’s How

The threat landscape is overwhelming. Corvus Signal is helping policyholders cut through the noise.

Cyber Coverage Explained: Wrongful Collection of Data

As regulators crack down, wrongful collection of data claims are increasing rapidly. How can brokers and carriers provide the best solutions for clients?

5 High-Impact Cybersecurity Practices for Tech Companies

The threat of ransomware is persisting, and tech companies have unique risks. Here are five high-impact security practices to protect your organization.

How Healthcare is Responding to New Guidelines for Pixel Tech

When it comes to ad-tracking technology, the healthcare sector is the first regulated industry to land under the microscope. Learn more in this blog.