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Lockbit Ransomware gets a makeover.

Lockbit Ransomware gets a makeover. Expect more of the same with a slightly different paint job.

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One year after rising to prominence with the release of 2.0, Lockbit ransomware completes beta testing and releases version 3.0.

Researchers have yet to dive into all the upgrades to the 3.0 malware, but the Lockbit TOR site boasts a few operational changes, including:

  • A bug bounty program for security researchers and hackers
  • A new offering to sell stolen data
  • Zcash is now an accepted cryptocurrency


While this “updated” ransomware boasts new features, its core business model remains the same: breaking into your network to steal and encrypt data. This means the same defenses still work. Good cyber practices such as enabling MFA across the organization, ensuring good backups, and deploying endpoint detection are no less effective against this updated ransomware.

This blog post and its contents are intended for general guidance and informational purposes only. This blog post is under no circumstances intended to be used or considered as specific insurance or information security advice.

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