Wingman Cyber

Revolutionizing Cyber Coverage for Small Businesses

Wingman CyberTM offers right-sized, admitted cyber liability coverage for a wide variety of small businesses including professional services and finance firms, non-profits, retailers, and healthcare organizations. We consider risks up to $50M in revenue with market-standard cybersecurity controls like multi-factor authentication (MFA). Wingman offers agents a fast, digital quoting and binding process.



$0- $50M in Revenue

Admitted Coverage

Low to Medium hazard

Meets all Underwriting requirements: MFA, Backups, Timely Recovery, PC compliant

$3M or less in limits

No losses or incidents


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Policy Features - Wingman Cyber Insurance

Customizable Policy Length

Different policyholders require different types of plans, and with Wingman Cyber, you can write a policy as short as six months and up to 18 months, depending on the needs of your business.


Quick & Easy Onboarding/Renewal Process

We recognize the importance of getting your customers the cyber policies they need, which is why our agency sign-up and onboarding process is quick and easy. This also applies to our renewal process, featuring auto-renewals on select accounts.


Quarterly Broker Education Sessions

Each quarter we offer education sessions to all of our brokers to help keep them up-to-date with what's happening across Corvus platforms, along with the latest information from the world of cyber trends and vulnerabilities.

State of the Market Coverage

Our technology, combined with our staff of experienced, local underwriters, enables a new level of Cyber coverage designed to enhance your policyholder experience for the better.


Expert Claims Handling

All claims are handled by our trusted partner, AXIS, to help ensure that you're always receiving top-of-the-line service in the event your business needs to file a claim due to a cyber incident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Wingman Cyber offers policyholders a powerful and effective solution designed to provide small businesses with the perfect amount of cyber coverage.

Third-Party Coverages:

  • Enterprise Security Event Liability
  • Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Fines
  • Privacy Regulation
  • Website Media Liability

First-Party Coverages:

  • Crisis Management Expense
  • Fraud Response Expense
  • Public Relations Expense
  • Forensic and Legal Expense
  • Extortion Loss
  • Ransomware Loss
  • Reputational Harm
  • Bricking Coverages
  • Business Interruption - Service Disruption
  • Business Interruption - Service Failure
  • Business Interruption - System Disruption
  • Business Interruption - System Failure

Enhancements (Sub-Limited Coverages):

  • Extortion Threat Reward Reimbursement Expense
  • Invoice Manipulation
  • Cryptojacking Coverage
  • Mitigation Expense Coverage
  • Telecommunications Theft Loss
  • Proof of Loss: Reputational Harm
  • Proof of Loss: Business Interruption

Common Questions - Wingman Cyber Insurance


Corvus's various Cyber policies, such as Wingman Cyber, cover losses due to a security breach or cyber crime event, including: first-party losses, or losses suffered by your business (for example, income loss or loss of digital assets) and third-party losses (amounts which your business is legally obligated to pay to others).

Wingman Cyber offers similar coverage options to Corvus Smart Cyber + Cyber Excess but is an admitted cyber offering tailored to risks pertaining to small businesses making less than $50M in annual revenue.

Wingman Cyber features direct billing to policyholders, who can pay their premiums online with a credit card (2% convenience fee) or ACH to formally bind coverage.

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