Smart Cyber Reinsurance

At Corvus, our mission is to empower brokers and policyholders to help better predict and mitigate risk. Corvus's Smart Cyber Reinsurance Solutions provide essential cyber coverage to your policyholders with the help of unique tools and insights to mitigate, predict, and prevent cyber loss through advanced AI and machine learning.

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Why is our holistic approach to Cyber the best choice for Carriers & Program Managers?


We provide Carriers & Program Managers with tools proven to reduce cyber risk, identify the few policyholders with critical vulnerabilities, and provide the data that will help the insured mitigate the exposure. Our insureds’ agents and internal sales teams also have a streamlined method to procure broader cyber coverage.

Additionally, policyholders have access to cyber security advice via Corvus’s Risk + Response Team for added risk mitigation assistance. All claims are handled end-to-end by our experienced in-house Claims Team.

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Policy Features - Smart Cyber Reinsurance


Unmatched Policyholder Experience


Corvus provides a non-invasive, proactive security and risk management solution to all of your customers. Each policyholder gets an in-depth cyber risk management report unique to their IT infrastructure. We also monitor policyholders for critical vulnerabilities. Questions and advice are provided through both automated tools and live experts. If your customer is impacted by a cyber event and has a claim, our expert Claims Team is here to help them get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Turn-key White Label Solution


Our fully reinsured Smart Cyber Reinsurance solution can be embedded in nearly any existing program, or sold through individual account “buy-up” solutions. Our partners have the ability to apply their own branding to multiple parts of the offering and have significant flexibility with regard to data transfer and connectivity to Corvus.

Fast, Efficient Quoting + Binding


Once the white-labeled solution is set up, your agents and brokers can access quoting and binding and near-instant quoting for most accounts. With the insured’s website URL, the Corvus Scan does the leg work.

Solving for Your Coverage Gaps


Cyber is unlike any other insurance product, and cyber-related risks permeate across industries and insurance coverages. Many carriers do not have the risk appetite or ability to profitably underwrite cyber coverage. Many of these carriers bundle cyber coverage with their core policies, whether to address potential “silent cyber” risks, portray a cutting-edge image to the market, or to help win agents and policyholders with a more complete, differentiated offering.

Smart Cyber Reinsurance brings a new approach to the cyber reinsurance market with an embedded policy backed by Corvus's Data Science-driven cyber security monitoring and risk management.

Embedded Cyber Solutions


We partner with insurers, program managers, captive managers, and other risk-sharing pools to embed our industry-leading Smart Cyber Reinsurance solution in their core offering. We proactively provide the tools, data, and insights necessary to identify and mitigate your policyholders’ critical vulnerabilities, leading to fewer costly cyber events.

If your business is in search of new differentiators to protect your customers from adverse cyber events, attract and engage agents and policyholders, and enhance your risk management services, let’s talk.

How Does Corvus Reinsurance Work?


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Risk Mitigation Tools for Policyholders...That Really Work

With our Corvus Scan report and ongoing cybersecurity alerts, Smart Cyber Reinsurance provides program managers with targeted data to help their policyholders understand their cybersecurity posture and reduce risk.

[ICON] Custom Coverage and Limits

Affirmatively Address Silent Cyber Risk in Your Environment

Close coverage gaps in your policies with a bespoke cyber product that has been built to cover today’s cyber risks and keep pace with the dynamic cyber risk environment. Our standard appetite is broad and incorporates most cyber coverages. We can structure a coverage that you feel confident bundling with the core offering and that will be relevant to your target market.

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Industry-Leading Coverage That Meets Your Business Needs

We can incorporate your existing policy wording, or provide our own industry-leading coverage form with broad first- and third-party coverage including Business Interruption, Ransomware & Cyber Extortion, and Social Engineering coverage.


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