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[VIDEO] Corvus: About Our Name

Corvids: The Intelligent Birds That Gave Us Our Name

Hear the story behind the genus of birds that give us our name.



Closed Captioning:

Corvus is the family of birds that includes Crows and Rooks and Ravens and Jays, all those smart birds. When you think about the birds who come along and ski off of rooftops or who will steal food out of the backpacker's backpack. It is a Corvid, and Corvids also use tools.

I love birds, and I particularly love smart birds. And so, I thought that naming our company after Corvus, the family of those smart tool-using birds was a really great metaphor for what we're trying to do.

In our case, we're trying to take digital tools and put them to work for our customers, commercial insurance brokers, and their policyholders.


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