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Corvus Insurance Enhances Digital Policyholder Experience with vCISO

Latest addition to CrowBar® platform provides holistic view of cybersecurity risks and step-by-step mitigation instructions for policyholders.

Corvus Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Corvus Insurance, the leading provider of smart commercial insurance products powered by AI-driven risk data, today announced vCISO, an expansion of its CrowBar® platform that consolidates cybersecurity risks and provides tailored mitigation techniques and recommendations for policyholders. With the Corvus vCISO, policyholders will be able to prioritize their security improvements in minutes and make informed decisions on how to best protect their organizations.

Offered as part of Corvus’s digital policyholder experience, the “virtual CISO,” or vCISO, utilizes data gathered by Corvus’s IT security scan, which analyzes the policyholder’s public-facing web infrastructure and combines this data with internet-wide vulnerability and threat research. vCISO then consolidates these findings with cybersecurity recommendations from additional sources led by Corvus’s in-house security team.

The Sources Driving the vCISO Recommendations Include:


The Dynamic Loss Prevention Report

  • A scan that Corvus uses to help underwrite a user’s policy which locates and prioritizes vulnerabilities by looking at the organization’s IT system from the outside-in.

Cybersecurity Alerts

  • Dynamically updated alerts regarding recent, severe cybersecurity issues.

The vCISO Assessment

  • An overall analysis of security policies and programs at the policyholder’s organization.

Once combined, policyholders have a comprehensive, prioritized list of needed security improvements that can be explained by Corvus’s Risk and Response team for additional clarity and implementation. The vCISO provides recommendations for free or reduced-cost services from Corvus that will generate the most impact to make the user’s organization safer.

Phil Edmundson, Founder & CEO of Corvus Insurance Comments on the Addition of vCISO

“The threat landscape continues to evolve at rapid levels, and our policyholders deserve to be alerted and fully protected at a moment’s notice,” said Phil Edmundson, Founder & CEO of Corvus Insurance. “vCISO represents the latest step toward our goal of making the world a safer place, and Corvus will continue to offer the support and services that organizations need during these critical times.”

The vCISO is the latest addition to Corvus’s CrowBar platform, a digital experience that has been instrumental in the company garnering an industry-leading NPS score of 81 among brokers as Corvus continues to support digital transformation in commercial insurance with solutions for brokers and policyholders.

“For over three years we’ve successfully honed our approach to delivering digital tools for insurance brokers through our platform, the CrowBar, as evidenced by our consistently stellar NPS scores,” said Mike Lloyd, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Corvus. “Now, bringing the same approach and rigor to the digital experiences for policyholders is an exciting opportunity that will further improve the overall experience Corvus provides all stakeholders in the insurance value chain.”

The vCISO is available in Corvus’s Policyholder Dashboard, which also offers instant access to claims status information, policy documents and additional educational resources. To learn more about the Corvus vCISO, please visit http://www.corvusinsurance.com.

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About Corvus

Corvus Insurance is the leading provider of commercial insurance products built on advanced data science, with an AI-driven approach to empowering brokers and policyholders to better predict and prevent loss. With each Smart Commercial Insurance® policy, Corvus supplies proprietary Dynamic Loss Prevention® reports to inform policyholders of critical cyber risk areas and provide actionable security recommendations. Founded in 2017 by a team of veteran entrepreneurs from the insurance and technology industries, Corvus is backed by Insight Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Hudson Structured Capital Management, MTech Capital, Obvious Ventures, .406 Ventures, and Telstra Ventures. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and has offices across the U.S.

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