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When an insurance claim occurs, the Corvus team works directly with the policyholder and our risk-taking partners to manage the claim through every step of the process. In addition, we will introduce trusted vendors to meet the situation's needs, including privacy counsel and forensics researchers.

Policyholders may notify Corvus of any potential claim via our 24-hour hotline or by email.

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The Corvus Team is with you throughout the breach response and claims process –
before, during, and after an incident.

[ICON] Breach Response

Breach Response

In the event of a cyber incident, you’ll get access to a breach coach to help you navigate the incident and access to approved vendors for critical response services.

[ICON] Claims Handling

Claims Handling

We’re there with you throughout a transparent claims process led by our seasoned team of cyber claims specialists.

In processing claims, we work closely with the experienced U.S.-based claims teams at Hudson Insurance Group and Accredited Specialty Insurance (Smart Cyber Insurance®), and Crum & Forster (Smart Tech E+O).

[ICON] Post-breach CISO Consult

Post-breach CISO Consult

After a cyber incident, schedule a one-hour session with our Chief Information Security Officer to discuss security and resilience best practices.

[ICON] Post-breach Remediation

Post-breach Remediation

After the dust has settled, the Risk + Response team is available to consult with the policyholder on improving security post-incident based on scan findings and information gathered from the forensics investigation. In addition, we can recommend vendors to help policyholders improve their security and resiliency.

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by our Risk + Response and Claims teams

Teaming with the experts to expertly manage your claims


When a claim occurs, the Corvus claims team works directly with you, our team of experts and our risk-taking partners to manage the claim and make you whole again. Here’s how.

[ICON] Smart Cyber Insurance

ASIC Smart Cyber

Hotline: (855) 248-2150

Hudson Smart Cyber

Hotline: (833) 262-1362

Axis Wingman Cyber

Hotline: (866) 259-5435

[ICON] Smart Tech E&O Insurance

Crum & Forster Smart Tech E+O

Hotline: (814) 916-0087

[ICON] Smart Cargo Insurance

Skyward Smart Cargo

Hotline: (212) 269-8220

The Corvus Claims Team

Savanna Boyles leads the Claims Team at Corvus. An attorney by background, Savanna has over ten years of in-house legal, insurance, and reinsurance experience, offering a multi-dimensional viewpoint of the intricacies of commercial insurance.

Savanna was previously an AVP, Claims Counsel, at RenaissanceRe, handling the Professional Liability reinsurance portfolio. At RenaissanceRe, Savanna audited multiple claims teams per year, gaining insight into the recipe for a successful claims team. Prior to that, Savanna was Claims Counsel at Hiscox Insurance, where she gained experience handling a broad portfolio of complex claims, including D&O, E&O, and Cyber.

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Savanna Boyles - Head of Claims, Corvus Insurance

Savanna Boyles

Head of Claims
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