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In The Binoculars

In the Binoculars: Oliver Delvos, Head of International

Meet Oliver Delvos, Corvus’s Head of International, spearheading our journey to take Smart Cyber solutions to brand new markets.

In the Binoculars: Safer World Sabbatical with Corvus Software Engineer Aaron Votre

For his Sabbatical, Aaron headed to Tanzania, a country in East Africa. Learn more in our latest Q&A. 

In the Binoculars: Jason Rebholz, Chief Information Security Officer

Join us as we discuss Jason's career background, journey to cyber insurance, and his hopes for the future of cybersecurity (hint: it’s about empathy).

In the Binoculars: Peter Hedberg, Vice President of Cyber Tech E+O Underwriting

Meet Peter Hedberg and learn more about our approach to underwriting at Corvus.

In the Binoculars: Barrett Heacock, Chief Financial Officer

We sat down with Barrett to discuss his future goals for Corvus, his experience with high-growth companies, and more.

In the Binoculars: Michelle Darby, Senior Manager of Software Engineering

We sat down with Michelle to get her perspective on growth at Corvus, what goes into fostering a positive culture, and more.

In the Binoculars: Lori Bailey, Chief Insurance Officer

Learning more about our Chief Insurance Officer, Lori Bailey! She's excited about how our technology can streamline the underwriting process.

In the Binoculars: Kori Johanson, General Counsel

Learning more about our General Counsel, Kori Johanson. She's excited to bring her legal and compliance background to our Safer World mission.

In The Binoculars: Mike Karbassi, Head of Cyber Underwriting

The Corvus Insights Team sat down with Mike to explore the values and objectives behind his team’s success and understand his vision for the future.