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Corvus Insights Blog

Our thoughts on cyber risk, underwriting, data science, and insurance.

In the Binoculars: Michelle Darby, Director of Software Engineering

We sat down with Michelle to get her perspective on growth at Corvus, what goes into fostering a positive culture, and more.

Tips from Top Brokers: How to Play Offense in a Cyber Hard Market

What does it mean to be a broker in a cyber hard market, and how do you succeed? Find out in this short blog!

Cyber Risk, IT Tools & Ransomware Trends: Pre-Pandemic to 2021

In the wake of remote work and the rise of ransomware, how did the use of security tools, management, and preparedness vary across sectors?

The 3 Keys to a Successful Cyber Incident Response Strategy

An effective cyber incident response strategy requires a well-executed plan before and after an incident. Here are the 3 key steps to success.

Graph Your Dependencies: Facebook Outage Proves 'Simple' Doesn’t Work

A faulty configuration change impacted 3.5 billion people. What can we learn about the systemic risks that occur due to reliance on third party providers?

The ABCs of 3-2-1 Backup Plans

We know ransomware is a major concern, and threat actors target backups to encrypt or delete them. Now what is a 3-2-1 backup plan, and how does it help?

Cyber Coverage Explained: Contingent Business Interruption

What is Contingent Business Interruption, and how can it impact your clients' cyber coverage? You can learn more in this short cyber coverage blog.

Prioritize Patching with Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

What is a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Approach, and how can it help your organization? Our CISO Jason Rebholz covers the topic in this blog.

5 High-Impact Cybersecurity Practices for Tech Companies

The threat of ransomware is persisting, and tech companies have unique risks. Here are five high-impact security practices to protect your organization.

In the Binoculars: Lori Bailey, Chief Insurance Officer

Learning more about our Chief Insurance Officer, Lori Bailey! She's excited about how our technology can streamline the underwriting process.