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The Corvus Mission

Make the World a Safer Place

At Corvus, everything we do comes back to our mission: to make the world a safer place. This mission for a “Safer World” is what we practice every day. We firmly believe that insurance can function as a tool for the greater good, mitigating or eliminating the impact of adverse events.

Our mission-driven flock finds many ways to make a difference: with our customers, our communities, and for one another. Check out some of our Safer World initiatives in the sections below!

[LOGO] Corvus Safer World Mission

Our Safer World Initiatives — Always Growing

We’ve made sure that our mission can evolve along with the environment, keeping up with the changing needs and goals of our clients, communities, and employees. In addition to implementing internal programs like our Safer World Day, Week, and Sabbatical throughout the company, Corvus often has ongoing mission-driven initiatives in place.


Corvids mentor Per Scholas students virtually during Safer World Day.


Charitable Giving & Ongoing Safer World Initiatives

[DIAGRAM] Charitable Giving

Members of the Corvus flock donate more than just their time. Corvus and individual Corvids can make donations to:

Ongoing initiatives have included:

  • Offering a free IT security scan for organizations in specific industries impacted by current events — for example, front-line healthcare providers during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Educational webinars presented by Corvus subject matter experts to external audiences, including the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC). Webinar participants were offered free scans following the session, to help the small and medium-sized businesses learn more about increasing their security postures.

[ICON] Safer World Day

Safer World Day

Corvids across the country can work with local organizations, volunteering to help assist those in nearby communities.

[ICON] Safer World Week

Safer World Week

Safer World Week gives Corvids the opportunity to volunteer with their chosen organization, helping to make the world safer, for a full week. Corvids are either given a stipend to support their work or a direct donation to the organization of their choice.

[ICON] Safer World Sabbatical

Safer World Sabbatical

The Safer World Sabbatical allows Corvids the chance to travel to volunteer in a location of their choosing for up to three weeks, complete with a stipend for necessary expenses or as a direct donation to their chosen charity. Corvids apply to take a Safer World Sabbatical and winners are chosen by fellow members of the flock.

Common Questions - Safer World Mission


Our mission at Corvus is to make the world a safer place by helping organizations mitigate or eliminate the impact of adverse events. In order for us to fully live out that mission, we wanted to empower our employees to make an impact beyond their day-to-day roles. By establishing an official program to go along with our mission, employees are now fully supported in their volunteering efforts, whether that means helping out locally or spreading their wings to make an impact globally.

The goal of the Safer World program is to engage and inspire our Corvids, to reward tenure, and to increase visibility and awareness of our company mission. To ensure Corvus is helping interested employees make an impact toward a safer world, the program awards up to four winners annually with a stipend and time off to fully pursue the projects they are most passionate about. In addition to support from Corvus, we believe that employees who participate in the program will gain greater insight into real-world issues and be better equipped to share that insight with the rest of the company, helping all Corvids better understand the impact each employee can have.

During a past Safer World Day, we engaged with Per Scholas, an organization dedicated to tuition-free training to provide professional development. Corvids conducted mock interviews, participated in info sessions, and held mentoring discussions with current students and alumni. We were able to provide insights on what to expect from job interviews and acted as a resource for any questions regarding work in a corporate environment.

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