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Year after year, Corvus has been named one of the best startup employers in the US, with honors including:

[AWARD] 2021-2022: Best Place to Work Award Cluster

[AWARD LOGO] 2022 Inc Best Workplaces

[AWARD] 2021 CB Insights Fintech 250

[IMAGE] Corvus Insurance GlassDoor Rating - 4.9/5 Stars

Benefits That Keep Us Flying

We approach benefits guided by our values of understanding, empowering, and transparency. We apply these to our customer and partner relationships, but also to our team of Corvids!

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO

Time off, whenever you need it.

Here at Corvus, we believe that time away from the office enriches our employees. Our goal is to keep all Corvids happy, healthy, and motivated. That's why we offer unlimited paid time off to help our hard-working Corvids relax and recharge.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Hybrid Work Schedule

Hybrid Work Schedule

Flexible working hours and locations.

Although it's said that the early bird catches the worm, we understand that different schedules may suit each employee. Whether you are more productive at home, in the office, or on a hybrid schedule, we support every Corvid's preferred workspace.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Company Holidays

Company Holidays

Take time to relax; it’s a holiday!

Here at Corvus, we celebrate 12 US holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Our international teams celebrate 9 holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday, Summer Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: DEI & Belonging

DEI & Belonging

Empowering people from all walks of life.

Corvus provides a safe nest for people who come from all paths; we strive to create a culture that makes every Corvid feel empowered. Corvus’s All Wings resource group supports and helps implement initiatives for the flock, including trans-inclusive healthcare, Mental Health Awareness Day, the Women’s Affinity Group, and more.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: 401(k) Company Match

401(k) Company Match

Invest in your future.

Financial wellness is important to our flock! We offer all our full-time employees a 4% company match starting on their first day. Through our retirement savings accounts, we offer Corvids the option of both traditional and Roth 401(k) accounts.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Leading Insurance Options

Leading Insurance Options

Top-of-the-line in Health, Dental & Vision.

Healthy employees = happy employees. We prioritize the opinions of our flock and work to provide benefits that meet their needs and values. We offer various options to help manage medical and life’s expenses, such as FSA and HSA accounts, free life insurance, and AD&D.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Equity (Stock Options)

Equity (Stock Options)

Own a piece of the Corvus “Nest”.

We know that our strength lies in empowering everyone in our flock to work together toward a common goal. For that reason, we offer common stock options to all full-time employees to give them the opportunity to own a piece of Corvus.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Employee Well-Being

Employee Well-Being

Our employees ALWAYS come first.

Employee well-being is a top priority here at Corvus. We offer wellness discounts, meditation and mindfulness sessions, and free, unlimited virtual fitness classes to help encourage an active lifestyle, along with other resources to ensure our employees can effectively manage their overall well-being.

[ICON] Corvus Benefit: Parental Leave

Parental Leave

Spend time with your little ones.

Corvus believes that all new parents should have the ability to spend time with their hatchlings. All new parents are eligible to take up to 12 weeks off with 10 weeks paid at 100% base pay to spend time with the newest member(s) of their flock and get acclimated to their new lifestyle.

[DIAGRAM] Professional Development

Professional Development


At Corvus, we encourage our employees to spread their wings and seek out useful trainings and conferences. Any Corvid may take advantage of a $1,000 per year stipend budgeted for professional development.

We also offer Corvids the chance to learn from one another with our in-house Flight School classes. These classes encompass a range of different topics, including:

  • Mac & Google Time-savers
  • Plants & Gardening
  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Motion in Design
  • Blockchain 101
  • And more — classes are proposed and run by Corvids!

Additional Benefits

Birds of a Feather: Corvus Values

A bird’s anatomy is key to letting it fly. Similarly, our company values shape who we are and our ability to fly high. Here at Corvus, we take our values seriously. We work hard to live them out and celebrate when we see others living them out, too.

[ICON] Corvus Value: Understand the Problem

Understand the Problem

Building a company efficiently and effectively requires a deep understanding of the root issues faced by our customers and team.

[ICON] Corvus Value: Challenge the Status Quo

Challenge the Status Quo

Becoming a leader in the commercial insurance industry requires questioning existing practices, thinking differently, and trying new things.

[ICON] Corvus Value: Deliver Truth

Deliver Truth

Transparent communication starts with honesty and the ability and avenues to convey it properly.

[ICON] Corvus Value: Empower Everyone

Empower Everyone

People at all levels of the business are encouraged to speak their minds, giving Corvids the ability to impact everything from customer service to software product delivery.

[ICON] Corvus Value: Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

Acting with integrity fosters trust, builds reputation, and impacts all stakeholders.

[ICON] Corvus Value: Be Proud of Insurance

Be Proud of Insurance

Taking pride in a force for good needs no apology. You control the future of insurance.

Building a Safer World


The Corvus mission is simple: to make the world a safer place. This isn’t just a high-flown idea — Corvus is actively helping our policyholders to predict and prevent adverse events, as well as supplying the coverage that helps them withstand events when they do happen.

By establishing an official program to go along with our Safer World mission, Corvus employees are fully supported in their volunteering efforts, whether they’re helping out locally or spreading their wings to make a global impact.

See how we bring our Safer World mission to life.

[LOGO] Corvus Safer World Mission

Careers at Corvus

Browse through our list of open roles and take the first step towards joining the flock!

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Barrett Heacock - Chief Financial Officer, Corvus Insurance

In the Binoculars

Barrett Heacock, Chief Financial Officer

Barrett Heacock was Corvus’s first financial leadership hire and is a first-hand witness to the company’s progress in tech enablement. Barrett is well-versed in corporate strategy to drive growth and is eager to help us navigate through the next phase of Corvus.

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