About Us

Our mission is to create a safer, more productive world through technology-enabled commercial insurance.

Why ‘Corvus’?

Corvus is the genus of birds that includes crows, ravens, and rooks. For years, bird scientists have noted that these birds are uniquely intelligent and are famous for creating and using tools to solve problems, communicate and improve their lives.

Who is the Corvus Flock?

We are a unique blend of professionals bringing together over 30 years of commercial insurance expertise, technology innovation and an entrepreneurial mind set.

Founding Team



The leader behind Corvus and a 30+ year insurance veteran. He co-founded broker William Gallagher Associates (acquired by Arthur J Gallagher) and was an active leader in both the Worldwide Broker Network and Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers.



The technology leader and a 30+ year technology veteran. He was the CTO of Iora Health and the CTO and cofounder of Gazelle.


Chief Product Officer

The product and operations leader. He has been a founder, employee or investor in many early-stage tech startups. He has a Harvard MBA and an engineering degree from both MIT and VMI.

What is Corvus?

We are a commercial InsurTech company. We are not a traditional commercial insurance company.

We leverage big data, IoT, and the latest digital advances in order to put powerful tools and insight into the hands of commercial insurance brokers and their clients that help them predict and prevent loss.

What is the CrowBar?

In an industry known for moving slow, resisting change, and keeping policyholders in the dark, Corvus is opening the door to innovation. We are embracing the digital age in order to deliver:

  • A Great Customer Experience
  • Policy Transparency
  • Smarter, Improved Coverage
  • Dynamic Loss Prevention

We have created a powerful technology platform capable of taking large sets of data from multiple sources and turning it into tools for risk management. Through our exclusive partnerships with providers of novel industry-specific data, Corvus is able to collect information from business-critical management, monitoring, and logistics systems to provide brokers and policyholders visibility into the insured operations for troubleshooting, predicting, and preventing claims.

In the aggregate, this data can be used to identify Business Intelligence that can empower complex business decisions. For example, our cargo policyholders along with their brokers can answer questions like; is it better to ship goods through a given port or using a certain freight forwarder or warehouse company?

Simply put, industry and policyholder data combined with our technology and analytics will be used to prevent bad things from happening, and that will result in a better, safer world.

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