Smart Cargo Insurance

Shouldn't sensors used on cargo shipments help reduce the overall cost of risk?

Smart Cargo Insuranceuses data from temperature sensors to predict and prevent spoilage claims for food and life sciences accounts to provide better pricing, enhanced coverage and tools for proactive risk management.

What Makes Smart Cargo Insurance So Smart?

  • Corvus gathers data from temperature sensors already used in shipments of goods that are subject to spoilage.
  • The data set of millions of shipments across multiple companies is analyzed to create a temperature stability scoring model.
  • Corvus provides an individual policyholder with their Corvus Score by comparing their temperature stability to the aggregated data model. This score can be used by commercial insurance brokers and buyers to better predict and prevent loss.

We call this Dynamic Loss Prevention

Cargo DLP

Smart Cargo Insurance Benefits, Features, and Target Markets

International Cargo


  • Full Spoilage Coverage (For High Corvus Scores)
  • Ocean/Air Transit
  • War/SR&CC
  • Domestic Transit
  • Warehouse/Processing
  • Salesperson’s Sample/Exhibition/Trade Shows


Target Industry Classes – All Types of Food and Life Sciences

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Distribution
  • Importers/Exporters
  • Freight Forwarding

The CrowBar – Benefits

  • Easy Drop & Drag Submission Process
  • 24/7 Access to Policy & Claims Information
  • Online Proof of Insurance
  • Corvus Score – Broader Coverage for High Scores

Offered with the financial security of Argo Group (Best’s Rating A, XIII).

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