Smart Cargo Insurance

Smart Cargo offers brokers an advantage over traditional Ocean Cargo insurance coverage by using IoT sensor data collection and advanced analytics to provide better pricing, enhanced coverage, and tools for proactive risk management and loss prevention.

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Primary risks earning up to $1B in gross annual revenue

Limits up to $10M

Industry Classes:

Life Sciences

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Policy Features

Smart Cargo Coverage

Corvus uses proprietary risk models built on billions of data points from IoT cargo sensors to inform underwriting, coverage, and rate while also helping to minimize or prevent cargo damage during transportation. Analysis of temperature stability data trends is powerful business intelligence that helps our marine cargo insurance policyholders optimize shipping routes and methods.

Corvus Cargo Score

Policyholders shipping refrigerated food can also get a proprietary Corvus Cargo Score. This helps them to understand which of their routes and products are safest, and even earn favorable terms from Corvus underwriters, such as a reduced waiting period for refrigeration breakdown.

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Our Comprehensive, All Risk Form Includes

  • Warehouse to Warehouse

  • World to World Insurance (except where prohibited by law or regulation)

  • Contingent Insurance

  • Deliberate Damage – Pollution/ Customs

  • Concealed Damage

  • Full Value Reporting

  • Shortage from Containers

  • Drop Shipments

  • Consolidation Coverage

Industry Classes

We underwrite Smart Cargo + CyberTM for the life sciences and food & drink industries, for both perishable and non-perishable goods, including wine and beer.

Target Classes:

  • Life science

  • Food/Drink

  • Perishable/Nonperishable

Industry Segments:

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale

  • Distribution

  • Importers/exporters

  • Freight forwarding


  • Ocean/Air Transit

  • War/SR&CC

  • Domestic Transit

  • Location Extensions – (Warehouse/Processing)

  • Salesperson’s Sample

  • Exhibition/Trade Shows

Enhanced Coverage for Perishable Products:

  • Spoilage

  • Refrigeration

  • Net Profit and Extra Expense on Product While at Processor

  • Product Deterioration on Goods While at Processor

Risk + Response Services and Claims

Data drives Corvus – and that includes the claims experience. We work closely with our risk-taking partner, Skyward Specialty Insurance, on handling cargo claims and developing risk mitigation strategies. When a Smart Cargo claim occurs, we can look at the shipment data of the event (such as thermal stability) and track it to the minute. With that information, we can help determine what party in the logistics chain was responsible for the loss. If that is a party other than the policyholder, we are informed and effective at subrogating (making the other entity pay) the claim. That improves the loss record of our insureds.

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Common Questions


Corvus's cargo policies cover physical loss or damage to goods/commodities in transit or in storage.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the pricing of cargo coverage, including but not limited to, the volume of international imports/exports and average/max amount of goods being transported at one time.

Costs vary based on individual policy needs, often ranging anywhere between $2,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Costs for Corvus policies can range depending on the type and size of the business insured.

Examples include:

  • Cargo on a vessel at sea catches fire and containers are thrown overboard to save the vessel and passengers

  • A truck overturns while transporting temperature-controlled goods and the product spoils while unrefrigerated.

Most of the time, yes warehouses require clients they are holding goods for to carry their own insurance policies, as stipulated in many contracts.

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