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Cyber Risk & Marine Cargo: Progress in Meeting Needs of Policyholders

Marine Cargo: Addressing Silent Cyber Risk

Recently the American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) approved language for a Cyber “buy-back” clause.  This move was made by the AIMU’s Cargo Committee “in response to market changes and at the request of its members” to offer language other than the organization’s existing cyber exclusion language, which was created in 2015. 

We see this as an encouraging development that speaks both to the frequency and severity of cyber events across many industry classes, including Marine and to the need for solutions that extend beyond monoline cyber policies. This body of underwriters -- of which Corvus is a proud member -- clearly recognizes the impact cyber risk has on Marine Cargo policyholders. We applaud this progress. 

As more of these kinds of cyber endorsements like AIMU’s appear in the market to address “silent cyber” risk and/or dissatisfaction with exclusions, we suggest brokers look closely at the language they are offering. These endorsements represent steps forward, but brokers should be sure to characterize them appropriately, so as not to give a false sense of security to their clients. The Cyber buyback clause mentioned above is a great solution for some clients based on existing insurance and relative cyber risk, but for others, a more intensive endorsement may be needed. 

What to Look For in Endorsements

Some of the most critical coverages for cyber risk in the past few years involve business interruption. Because of the nature of Ransomware attacks, stoppages to businesses have become a more acute risk for clients across industries than it was a few years ago when data breaches for the purpose of stealing and selling data PII were the more common form of attack. 

Now, with Ransomware viruses able to shut down an entire enterprise in minutes, the lost business from being shut down for hours or even days looms over the industry. Business Interruption Coverage and Contingent Business Interruption coverage are appearing on monoline cyber policies in response to this need. Not having a monoline cyber policy, or having underbought cyber at lower limits for those coverages, presents a coverage gap. 

Other potential pitfalls are coverage that doesn’t extend to the warehouse, and instead only covers goods in the course of transit. 

Do You Require Enhanced Coverage? 

Thanks to the AIMU’s progress, brokers should be on the lookout for new language appearing in policies that represents a major upgrade from the cyber exclusions you may have become accustomed to in Marine Cargo. 

Those policies may have the just-right coverage for your clients. But if you’re finding that these options have not completely filled the cyber gap for Marine Cargo clients, we’d suggest looking into our Smart Cargo + Cyber offering. Our “+ Cyber” endorsement affirmatively provides Cyber coverage for:

  • Business Interruption and Ransomware

  • Contingent Business Interruption

  • Diversion of your insured’s goods from the intended delivery destination

Coverage is not limited to due course of transit but will apply to domestic transit shipments and goods while at covered stock locations, and allows coverage to apply to goods insured whether the attack is made on the Insured’s network or a 3rd party’s network.

Learn more about Smart Cargo + Cyber

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The following interview was originally published as part of Corvus’s quarterly Cyber Risk Aggregation report, known as the Nutcracker Report. We deliver these insights on trends in the aggregation of cyber risk to a select group of reinsurers, reinsurance brokers, and program managers. If you’d like to receive the report in the future, please send your inquiry to flock@corvusinsurance.com.