Now In Flight: Corvus and eProvenance Team Up to Bring Monitoring and Insurance Coverage to Wineries

eProvenance solutions use innovative, patented technology to deliver insights on transport and storage practices to help clients make better business decision and assure quality of their goods.

View From The Nest: Welcoming Ellen Rubin to the Corvus Board of Directors

The Corvus team is pleased to welcome the newest member of the Corvus Board of Directors, Ellen Rubin.

Can InsurTechs Follow Uber’s Path? It depends on the market.

Some InsurTechs are following Uber’s model. Will the same strategy work in commercial insurance?

Now In Flight: Smart Cargo + Cyber™

At Corvus, we are working to address this so-called “silent cyber” risk across the many commercial insurance coverage areas where clarity is lacking.

Silent Cyber Threatens Brokers, Too: E&O Risk in Cyber

“Silent cyber” is the possibility that an insurer of a non-cyber insurance policy will assume risk triggered by cyber peril such as a ransomware attack, denial-of-service attack, or data breach that would otherwise be insured under a full cyber insurance policy.

What can Brokers do about Silent Cyber risk?

You’ve probably heard folks in the industry talking about Silent Cyber risk. You even might have an idea about what silent cyber risk is, and understand how it might impact your clients.

Historical data won’t predict Cyber claims. Here’s what will.

Reliance upon historical loss data, that pillar of insurance underwriting, will likely lead to a false sense of security among many insurers.

What is Silent Cyber Risk?

It’s been the most talked about term in global commercial insurance for the past year or so. It seems like every major reinsurer, broker, and insurance publication has commented on the topic, and explained the risks it poses.

Three Ways to Use Data to Win New Business in 2019

The use of previously ignored or inaccessible data can move the needle and get the attention of insurance buyers in 2019

The Big (Uninsured) Risk for Early Stage Life Science Companies

“Until now, we have been unable to get insurance for our clients that responds to the risk exposure caused by a loss of goods while in transit or at warehouse or clinical trial locations.”