2020 Is Here: What Should Brokers Expect in Cyber? Experts’ Top 3 Predictions

We gathered some thoughts from insurance and cybersecurity veterans, from Corvus and elsewhere, and shared where they see trends moving in cyber in 2020.

View from the Nest: Soaring into Q4

Two innovative product launches, a corporate partnership, and ten new corvids joining the Flock made Q3 one to remember.

View From The Nest: Welcoming Hannah Hoeflinger and the San Francisco Nest

She joins Corvus as our new Business Development Director for National Accounts.

“Birds of a Feather…” The 2019 Corvus Summit

This month the Corvus team flocked to our Boston headquarters from around the country for the inaugural Corvus Summit.

View from the Nest: Continuing Rapid Growth in Q2 2019

Product launches, new corvids, and updates to our tech are just a few things that have us singing after a busy second quarter.

View From The Nest: Welcoming Amanda Stantzos

We love to see the Corvus Flock continue to grow, and today we welcome Amanda Stantzos.

View From The Nest: Welcoming Peter Hedberg

Peter Hedberg has more than 15 years of insurance industry experience, with a specialty in Cyber and Tech E&O lines. Today, it’s our privilege to welcome him as part of the Corvus “Flock” and to introduce him as VP of Cyber Underwriting.

What is Dynamic Loss Prevention?

You may have heard us crowing about it at Corvus (pun intended) – but if you haven’t worked with us before it might not be obvious what the “DLP” is, and why we created it.

View From The Nest: Welcoming Joel Fehrman and the Atlanta Office

Today we’re thrilled to be welcoming Joel Fehrman, VP of Cyber Underwriting, to the Corvus Flock, as well as announcing another “nest” for Corvus in Atlanta.

Cyber Risks vs. Insurance: Where do they intersect?

Risks themselves can be hard to understand and therefore hard to map to insurance exposure.