Now In Flight: Smart Cyber Excess Insurance™

Today I’m thrilled to announce the latest product to take flight from the Corvus nest: Smart Cyber Excess Insurance. This product was created in response to demand from our brokers for excess capacity in cyber, and brings increased underwriting appetite for our Smart Cyber Insurance™ product lines.

Under a new underwriting mandate from Hudson Insurance, our risk-taking partner, Corvus now underwrites Excess Cyber Insurance for most types of organizations with up to $1 billion in annual revenues in addition to its primary offering. We now write Smart Cyber Excess Insurance policies with up to $10 million in aggregate limits.  

Just like all of our Smart Cyber Insurance policies, Smart Cyber Excess underwriting will be driven by the Corvus Score™ and will include Dynamic Loss Prevention™ (DLP) reports. Corvus Scores are based on an assessment of any enterprise’s IT footprint, including their vendors and partners, across eight critical security criteria. This provides holistic visibility into your client’s security programs to better inform underwriting. The Corvus Score also drives a customized DLP Report that includes recommendations and business intelligence you can use to inform your clients about their cyber risk and help them to reduce the total cost of risk.

As a broker we know you’re always working to provide the best options for your clients, and we couldn’t be more excited that Corvus will now be among your options for Excess Cyber.

If you’d like to learn more about our Smart Cyber Excess Insurance, please contact me here

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